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I have $60k laying around doing nothing, what would you do with it. I don't mind putting it away for awhile

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100x all-in on bitmex at a MACD crossover

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>I don't mind putting it away for awhile
>implying you're ever going to see any of it again if you follow /biz/'s advice

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get a hardware wallet, buy btc, put it on the hardware wallet, DONT LOSE IT OR FORGET THE PASSWORD, come back in 10 years, sell it all.

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People will obviously tell you to put it in crypto on here. The standard advice (outside biz) would be to put in stock index ETFs and/or bonds depending on your risk tolerance.

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blue chip

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actually what I personally would do is buy monero and EOS, but im keeping up with the space so if either become obsolete I will bail immediately. You have to be paying close attention for this plan to work though. BTC you do not.

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you're a faggot who gives faggot advice

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>buying btc and holding 10 years is bad advice

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hey bro
legit advice right now
I bet on fights professionally. my instagram is @thebettorsclub
if you wanna make a bunch of money following my picks. give it a follow

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buy s&p 500

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all in chainlink like me

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50% XRP
20% BTC
10% XRB
10% XMR
10% BCH

Godspeed anon. And take the mindset that it's gone forever when you buy-in just in case it all goes to 0.

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I just need more $500 to be able to pay the next 2 months rent so I'll be able to focus on the book and the projects that I'm doing that will save hundreds of anons of social failure, ostracization and that will give them more knowledge.

If you have that money do something good with them, OP.

Hope you found something of productive to do.

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