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Listed in Cryptopia today. One pass closer to become Monero's "Litecoin".

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They have an ETH pairing?

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Cryptopia don't use ETH as a trading pair.

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But it has BTC, LTC and DOGE pairings.

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Once the two remaining whitepapers get drafted and released, with the protoocols being successfully implemented, the next pass will be Poloniex and Bittrex (both doesn't have giant listing fees, they list it for free depending only of the attractiviness of the project), and maybe Kucoin (high listing fee).

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shill me. anyone mining this crap?

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It intends to research two things for now:

- Uncle mining, which will make a better distribution of block rewards by sharing a small part of the block rewards with miners who mine orphan blocks
- Blocktree, which intends to provide a better scalability on-chain by sharding the blockchain in different ones.

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masari is listed on tradeorgre exchange. tradeorgre exchange is a scam and they make all the coins listed on there. all privacy coins. stay away

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Fuck off that doesn't even make any sense. Even if it were true, Masari's now on Cryptopia which will steal all the volume.

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TradeOgre make the Cryptonote coins listed on their website?
This is the ultimate FUD hahahahaah

Not in Masari but in other privacy coins listed there, you're above autism.

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it's true... just like coinsmarket and coinexchange made all the coins listed on there, inc electra...

perheps they are even the same group

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Masari is just as bad as Dero. Go to hell and take your scamcoin with you fag

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another scam coin. just what we needed

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Aeon is closer to monero's litecoin.

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I would check their research section in their page ( https://getmasari.org/#research ). There's already a document regarding their difficulty adjustment algorithm. There are two more to be drafted. The second one, regarding uncle mining, is almost finished, and the code is already in test stage. It isn't just some copy pasta.

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>Not buying the absolute bottom
Kek. I would go all in on this if i wasn't already in on something else. This will go to minimum $20 million market cap, and that's being highly conservative.

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this. the absolute state of retards on here.

I've been telling you fucks for weeks, easily hitting 5 dollars EOY.

But stay poor chasing HOT or whatever flavor of the week it is now.


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Calling it "Litecoin of Monero" is a bad idea.
Masari does that much development.
From a technical standpoint it is already better than Monero.


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You're right. Litecoin made no true improvements at all.

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This isn’t true. But they will get listed on bittrex.

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Well, the Kucoin part is based on the assumption that they give a discount.

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This isn’t your regular everyday autism.

This is......advanced autism

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