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are we there yet? while you wonder why your mom still pays your bills, you could be investing in SKYminers and establish a steady income in the near future be SELLING BANDWIDTH in the Skywire mesh net. this will happen as soon as the mesh net is active, not long now, the test net phase two has ended,

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jesus I can't wait for their "product" to go into production so everyone realizes it's a piece of crap and you finally shut up about i

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until then the rewards make a pretty amount, OP! got an official and a DIY, both listed, work like a charm

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already 8000 active nodes. is there a certain number of nodes necessary for the mainnet or this not depend on this?

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I dont suppose you can bring sound arguments, just like all the fudders before you and since this project started the product is actually many products, some of them working as we speak. the mesh net will just further validate the blockchain, that s all

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OP, if the people interested in buying bandwidth are far from my miners, does this make the connection slow? Please tell me!

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it matters how many nodes are sharing the data between you and the receiver.. as the mesh net will be working in phase one over the current ISP, most likely the nodes will forward the data at maximum speed, the limitations will be caused by the local internet provider

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How about we start at speed. Your main competitor has spent 30+ years investing trillions into global fibreoptics. You want to buy low-range antennas.

This vaporware cannot compete. That's like putting a dude with a bunch of wood and nails against Ford in a car building contest.

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Funny OP, my mom actually pays the bills. I m more used to trading so I ll stick to buy/sell or vice versa for now.. my portfolio has 6 shitcoins which I sold and bought at the golden hour... now waiting for ETH to dip hard, will make a fortune if it comes back

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at first, local mesh nets become free of their ISP, needing just one point of entry for the bandwidth.. inbetween cities, it sill work over the ISPs.. no one said we re not gonna use another tier of ISPs. also, renting a submarine cable is something a strong community will be able to do in the future

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Build it yourself and you can use that setup again and again

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so where exactly does renting regular infrastructure with added (way slower, mind you) radio point-to-point connections give it an economic edge?

Are you ready to pay per gigabyte again like in the 90s?

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I want more than bills and spare money, when trading resources will be an option Sky will moon gradually

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anon, say I would like to build such a miner..are there any advantages over buying an official one? ok, the price, I get it. but is there something else?

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couldn't find any info about this, I guess no targeted number and 8000 sources of data about how nodes are working and what is the general behavior seems enough to go for the 2nd phase, in my opinion, but considering the fact that Skycoin wants to achieve global success, there should be more, mb double

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Official is ready to go out of the package, so you won't have the trouble of assembling and programming your own. It's good value for the money ~$750 vs $600 for a DIY. The reward rate is higher for the official miners, iirc it's 2x, but you can check on the Skycoon website.

t. DIY miner

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>It does not matter if you post constructive criticism or racist jokes. In almost every instance the Pajeet will attack you using tree different IDs in his vicious hope to make you feel like an outsider for doubting his lies. Just look at those places from which these Pajeets are coming from and realize that he can never become a productive member of any society and that he has to attack you. His existence is dependent on stealing the white mans riches and he simply has to deny that there is anything wrong with his coin.

>The Pajeet fears nothing more than the truth and he tries hard to kill every last bit of it in his thread. But since he is nothing but an empty uniform he will be easily overwhelmed and once his thread becomes a little bit to honest he will just abandon it, let it slide to death and create another one.


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Dude, get help.

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this is unironically what happens in every shitcoin thread. So fucking tired of it. We need a post limit

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antennas my fren, that's your answer. 5km/15km range directional antennas are manufactured by sky

once antennas are shipped, sky will be ISP independent

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official miner is basically just a DIY kit that you have to build yourself. software is the same process as DIY miners as well.

t. official miner

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What I have to say about a team who hire beggars and cannot even understand that they need to do different languages tutorials?

What I have to say of a network with hidden wallets that hide zilions of skycoin?

What I have to say about it?

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Can't wait for that sick 64k connection to download literally nothing

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sry, you re actually honest

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this sounds personal

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pajeet detected

coins are all locked and out of circulation. you can see the distribution addresses here:

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You are a shitty 4chan paid blockhead fudd going around on every thread spreading garbage. GTFO

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>>The Skycoin distribution plan consists of a 30% initial distribution, followed by an ongoing maximum distribution of 5% of the coins per year, spread out over at least 14 years. The distribution from 10% to 30% will be through node incentives, and will take at least five years based upon user base growth and the building of a physical network. Distribution beyond the initial 30% will be hard-coded into protocol and time-locked so that coin distribution stays below the 5% maximum. By creating a hard-coded, time-locked distribution policy, we’re ensuring that the distribution stays fair and doesn’t deviate from our original intent


Summarizing, the situation on June 30 of 2018 is: Of the 1.46 million Skycoin distributed in 2016, 136k are still held by the addresses (9.3%). 1.115 million were sold on Binance, C2CX or Cryptopia (76.4%) and 209k Skycoin were moved to other addresses (14.3%).

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Thank you, Sirs. Upon inquisition this thread I have decided to cast my SKY into HOLOCHAIN. If it is within your interest, I believe my decision is best replicated. Do the needful.

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>>The distribution from 10% to 30% will be through node incentives, and will take at least five years based upon user base growth and the building of a physical network.

$250K/month total reward for the nodes
SKY raising crypto standards

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I own a DIY but I would go with official if I were in your shoes because official miners automatically get a spot on the testnet whereas there is a long wait list now for DIY. I signed up at the end of June for the DIY whitelist, and I just got approved 5 days ago.

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lol go and cast your 5 SKY there

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is that the newest model wage-cage?

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people realize Skycoin is a scam designed to sell overpriced hardware right? no one is actually dumb enough to buy one of these piddling little boxes, thinking that they'll be the backbone of the next generation of the internet, right?

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Unironically no one is buying it. Every thread on biz is 90% paid shills with no organic engagement. I've never seen a less effective campaign.
Skycoin was a weird Chinese money laundering thing, very few westerners got burned.

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