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Are literal tech brainlet incels who jack off to porn daily able to use these?

Or do you need to be a virgin autistic techie to be able to use them?

Can you still buy them? Or did they sell out.

I know that you guys don't like to spoon feed but I'm too lazy to really research this stuff because I'm too dumb to figure it out even if I read about them.

How many holo can you make per day?

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Someone talk

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Eventually you can run the HOT network on a laptop or any computer with Holo OS. The first batch of holoports come online Q4 this year. I am pretty sure there will be more for sale at a later time.

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Are you planning on doing this?

Are holochads chomping at the bit to do this?

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Will younfucking like niggers answer

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yes you stupid nigger, holochain makes it extremely easy to host dapps for everyday fucking normies, you will be able to dedicate a portion of your phones computing power in return for earning more HOT(will be called Fuel by then)

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Dont try to scam faggots we already know holo chick its a fat whale not that skinny girl

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LOL nobody is going to do this

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But what's that big holoport thing for? Wouldn't you rather use that than your phone

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because we need dedicated hosting machines (holoports) to seed the network first to lay down a solid foundation before we can start integrating computers and phones into hosting. Plus holoports helped fund the project so thats also cool.

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Once Holochain rolls out everyone becomes their very own 4chan node

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holoports are plug-n-play
you connect it to the internet and it starts working
your grandma could use one

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How many can you make per day

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Holoports aren't even finished. They're going to get delayed. This isn't even in ALPHA yet.

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Link 2.0

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Holoports are finished and they are shipping in a month. We are in alpha as as soon as holoports launch we will be in BETA. We already have dapps up and running. You can literally right fucking now launch your own holochain and visit those dapps. Again nice FUD faggot.

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where i can buy the holo ports?

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They will go on sale as soon as the original batch is shipped and BETA is up and running. You will be able to buy them from holochain webstore. Later you wont even need a holoport you will be able to host directly from your computer or phone.

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Can you buy as many as you want?

What would you guess conservatively how much hot you could make per day?

Will this be like mining btc in the sense that the earlier you are plugged in the easier it will be to make more hot?

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As soon as the NET launches you will be able to charge anything you want for computing power the first 3 months. After that a stabilizing algorithm will be turned on equalizing how much holofuel will cost for everyone, it will fluctuate the cost depending on supply and demand. IMHO its not worth buying a holoport, you could just build a dedicated hosting computer for a lot less and having it make you $.

I think initially for the first few months there wont be a huge demand for holofuel but as time goes on we will see large increases for demand.

Remember once we switch to holofuel, the demand for computing power is what will determine the price of each holofuel NOT the market cap as it does now on binance and other exchanges, therefore the only way for holofuel price to increase will be by people getting they websites, storage, and applications hosted on holochain. This interestingly enough I feel will be very easy since holochain undercuts the price of hosting **tremendously** of literally every single business out right now including those faggots at amazon who have a literal monopoly. And I think this is the sole reason why mozilla is salivating all over holochain.

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To expand a bit on Mozilla. Yes one of their execs mentioned holochain and how much they like them. That is opinion on his part and doesn't necessarily mean anything. What does matter is the fact that Mozilla has been hosting every single Holochain meetup that has happened. This includes renting out the space venue, paying for travel and lodging. Now tell me why the fuck would a company give a shit about such a small project to the point where they pay for all of their events

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also lets not forget that the dev team besides creating Holo and Holochain have other projects already in concept stage most notably a better version of Chainlink.

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I’m going to have atleast 100k EOY or so. This is insane

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>Mozilla has been hosting every single Holochain meetup that has happened
That's a lie, the hosted only one (the one on youtube) before the ico, and that's it. Apart from that the only connection is a skype conversation in low res.

>Eventually you can run the HOT network on a laptop or any computer with Holo OS
There is no Holo OS, the fuck are you talking about? As a matter of fact, a Holo port is "any laptor or computer", it is just a pre build PC with scripts pre installed. You could do an executable of some sort and download it from the official web.

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citation needed that they only hosted one even, because I clearly remember the team saying all of their events were hosted by them.

I never said there was a Holo OS did I ? Holochain will be able to be run from Linux initially and later on on winds mac os and android. You are correct a holoport is just a computer with linux .

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>t. missed out on gains and trying to FUD

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I'm a brainlet I don't know wtf a dedicated hosting computer is.... so for me buying the holoport makes most sense right? Especially because idgaf about the cost.

But thanks for your responses

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Just get a beefy desktop computer with atleast intel i7 and couple TB of space with linux installed on it. Or if your really want to become a holochain hosting whale you could buy a dedicated small server which you can aquire easily by googling them. To clarify the hosting profit issue I turn you to what the lead dev Arthur has said before

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"First, let me remind you that hosts set their own hosting prices, so there's no possible way for us to tell you how much you'll make since that fundamental variable is completely under your control.

Second, we don't yet know how much hosting demand vs. supply there will be, which will effect your pricing strategy. Maybe we'll have tons of apps, more likely we'll start out with fewer big apps and the app ecosystem will grow.

Now that the ICO is done, we may publish a web page with an earnings calculator so you can play with your own earning scenarios. During the ICO we didn't want anyone freaking out about how ridiculously much money you could make on such cheap hardware at the ICO token price.

But since Holo is likely to launch with surplus hosting power rather than app demand, the ability to overcharge may be limited. (Yes, I'm saying that 1/10,000 the price that you pay on Ethereum is overcharging.) I would expect hosts to rapidly lower their prices to compete for the smaller amount of hosting demand. Given the ICO price, it should still be possible to lower your price by a factor of 1,000 to 10,000 and still make good money.

But let me clarify something. That does not mean the "token" price drops. It means the hosting cost drops by that much which means the fuel's buying power increases by that much. There is an inverse relationship between the buying power of the fuel and the cost of hosting.

So... back to your question. We don't know for sure how much you'll make because it is a free market. However, we expect hosts to be able to make good ROI because utility is high, and capital and operating overhead is low.

Here's what that inverse relationship looks like, BTW."


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Sitting comfy af we iz millionaires boyzz

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Why can't I just get a holoport and plug it in?

All the stuff you just said is like your speaking Chinese to me

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ahh yes if youre not technically inclined by all means just buy a holoport, heck you could buy two for more income!

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Ok cool thank you very much for all the info I appreciate it

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How much you think a holoport is going to cost?

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there isn't an X number of tokens you can make per day. You set your for computational power. It's basically a free market for hosting. If the demand is higher than the supply of computational power, you can charge more holofuel. If the demand is lower the market will force you to charge less to stay competitive.

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And you'll be able to adjust what you want to charge on that big holoport thing

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How many Holo have you got brother?

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holy shit so close but so wrong.
First the stabilization mechanism doesn't do that, what is does is enable individual users to pre-buy holohosting according to the hosters trustfullness and credit limit, while it will create some price stability by locking up some of the future demand in those hosting supply contracts, it wont actually dictate market prices which will always trend down because the only way hosters can compete on the holo network is by offering more and stabler hosting for less holo.
And that's where holo's fiat value will come from, over time, one holo will buy you more and more hosting, even ignoring hardware upgrades, simply because the only way hosters can compete is by increasing holos purchasing power and thus increasing it's fiat value.

TL;DR: if you're a hoster you will always be able to charge whatever you want for hosting but no one is forced to accept your offer and basic supply and demand economics dictate that you will have to lower your prices in order to compete.
If you're a holo hodler, your fiat value comes from incresed computing power supply that forces hosters to compete for your holo by offering more computing for less holo.

Pic related:

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thumbs up my niqqa

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Now gimme me the source on that slut.

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how to buy a holoport?

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