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I went from 0.27 BTC to 0.4744 BTC (75% profit) trading on Bitmex with only two losing trades.


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what indicators?

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You deposited over 0.25btc lmao

Stupid gambling idiot

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Whats affiliate payout you get moneysbfor scaming friend into losing all gambling? Shame on you fucker

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rsi only

lmao stay mad brainlet

>tripfagging on /biz/


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true. OP is a huge degenerate gambler slowing down our progress. such a faggot.

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I've made 200k from 5k and even quit my job, beat me fag

it's a thing to do with referral links, you get a commision

Indicators matter shit, it's all about risk control. When you lose you lose little, when you win you win big.

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you still need to trade nigger

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>muh tea leaves
>I'm a genius

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You're already getting cocky? You'll get justed soon and wish you never signed up

t. Lost half my bitcorns there

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why are you so fucking mad?

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Good for you OP. I'm still new to all the trading stuff and I still have lots to learn. In brief what did you do? Did you just look at the indicator and buy when it was oversold and sold when it was overbought, or however that shit works?

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What's the minimum to short or long

When using using bitmex

I only understand idex

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au contraire, i'm just looking out for you. we all know how this ends for you.

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I shorted these crayons

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LOL. .25 to .475. Congrats poor fag.

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so you made... 1200$ in over a month?

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Good job guys, you scared faggot OP off. Even from idiots you could have something to learn. But you guys are too proud to accept this. Sad.

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my net profit is 2.3 btc. deposited 1.7. but it's taken me a year. withdrew and cashed out a lot when btc was higher though. still, im a shit trader

gj. still trading?

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Percentage gains retard

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post proof or gtfo


minimum is 1 dollar

so what? who the fuck said i was rich? why are you being so salty for no reason?

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There we go. Thanks OP. And don't mind the little shit throwing, I just wanted to bait you back. :^)

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I trade everyday, thinking about opening a firm but I don't want to get fucked by taxes. Currently I only convert to fiat using local bitcoins, cash only.

If I post a screenshot you will tell me I'm using inspect element, so what's the point?

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I've also double my money twice now just to end up losing it all in two terrible trades. Sigh

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i won't accuse you of shit if you post a screenshot of your trades from the last month

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Trips confirm

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lol, he's not coming back

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Guy starts AMA to humble brag about extraordinarily mild crypto gains. Offers shit tier advice because 'I turned .001 into .002.' A trained gorilla could do the same. Then acts like he wasn't humble bragging to anons claiming 'I never said I was rich.'

Invest in friends anon. You obviously need some if you spend your time seeking praise for investing acumen here. Also you suck at investing. Poor people usually do.

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Holy shit this salt. Literally for no reason. You’re the one who needs friends.

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"So why should we invest with you anon?"

"I turned .001 into .002 on bitmex."

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do you know the door code for the warehouse basement in deus ex

i'm out of BE and I can't find any data cubes

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