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I know you're all going to call me a larper but I don't care.

I come from a wealthy real estate family, will inherit around 15MM worth of real estate, and my parents have already passed on about 2.3MM worth of real estate which generates me about 5k/month after taxes/hoa/etc.

So basically, unless some kind of insane economic apocalypses happens, I'm going to be pretty well off. I can start a family whenever I want (I'm 27), and my parents would just support me.

I graduated from a very good school with a degree in STEM, and I worked for the past 5 years in various different fields. I've been moderately successful at everything I tried, probably because I'm tall, good looking, well mannered, educated, and generally likable.

The problem is crypto. I got in late 2016 because a tech friend was telling me about it, and basically I've made over 2MM dollars which turned into about 1.4MM after long/short cap gains were considered. I reinvested that into various stocks, gold, silver, etc and left some in crypto. This has completely killed my will do to jack shit.

I used to have some sense of shame if I wasn't working, because that would mean I was just living off my parents like a dickhead, but after I made my own money I essentially live like a 60 year old retired person.

I've done all the traveling I want, fucked hookers, tinder girls, etc. Had a girlfriend in Italy for a while and would fuck hookers when she went to work then fuck her at night again. I'm so bored of everything now. I keep track of how many michelin stars I've sampled, and I'm almost at 80.

I'm just so fucking bored, but I'm not sad or lonely. How do I regain the will to strive again? What do I fight for? My life is a whirlwind of getting my nuts drained and eating $200-500+ meals. And if I run out of money, I'm just going to get 15x the amount within a few years.

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Why not change your gender? You'd have a whole new world of possibilities

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Because my family is ultra republican/right wing and I'd lose my inheritance.

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>gook lover
>long useless blog post

Kys OP.

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You need a hobby that you can practice autistically

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nice humble brag
go pay $1000 a session for a therapist like Everyone else

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based famalam

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This post again

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this means you are just an NPC and have no soul

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>no private plane
>no italian winyard
>no winning yacht
>no antique race car collection
>no butler
>trying to make anon neets jelly

larp moar faggot

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Holy shit OP you got almost everything we ever wanted and you still whine
Go buy a gun and blow your brains out you pathetic little degenerate shit. Whiny bitches like you are better off dead

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Johnny, are you posting this shit again? I already told you that you're just an autistic faggot and you won't accomplish much in all your life, please Johnny, just accept your fate.

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Find an issue you care about and try to fix it like any other wealthy philanthropist. Solved.

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Stop doing a daily thread about your money, attention seeking retard.

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Nigga, you haven't even close to made it yet. You can't tell me your life ambition was to make $2M and eat overpriced pussy and food. Mars still needs to be colonized, nuclear energy still needs to be dominant and Monero still isn't the global reserve currency. If you focus on something like that you'll be busy for a while.

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Life isn't about money or fucking women. It's challenging yourself to create something and be something. Create a company, open a club, create a production studio and film a movie about your shitty trust fund life. Fucking anything if you had an ounce of creativity. As a poor fag I actually feel sorry for you. Good luck and I hope you find fulfilling success someday.

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This. Op cut yer dick off

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>in b4 he incorporates all of that in his next larp

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>im an extremely boring and uninspired person. please tell me how to live my life.

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see, you're doing things that ultimately have no purpose, you need purpose, a dream, a goal, something to work towards.

for me it's becoming the "best musician in the entire world" and getting to tour the entire planet, yeah, it's retarded and cheesy but as long as i have this as my goal and work towards it i never feel a dull moment and it helps me get through dark periods as well.

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You have everything why don t help people in need? you could volunteer at a hospital or create some organization to help people who were less fortunate in life

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south america

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You are Budda faggot

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Like everyone else is saying, start a business, or several businesses, and focus your time and energy on making them successful.

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OP is a nearsighted faggot.

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Start taking DHEA. It's a straight up steroid that avoided scheduling by the DEA, so you can buy it on amazon or at GNC. After a week of taking it, you'll feel like a new man. I'd appreciate a tip for this advice you rich fucker

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It was fun the first time OP, now its just sad, cant believe you retyped all of that with a new story though, still not gonna read it.


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damn, got quinted in my previous thread and quaded in this. Guess that means I must be larping right?

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> reading all that
I'm not reading your larp blog, fuck off to reddit with your text wall.

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Put a big chunk of liquid savings into US. Bonds, 5 years time
Then join the French Foreign Legion

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Yeah this happened to my cousin, he an hero'd.

Start making artwork. Or become a musician.

Or an hero and leave all your money to me: I live in Berlin and am broke af living a sweet life as a messenger.

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This. Fuck you OP

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THIS. Worthless plebs with no dream like OP the NPC who’s entire purpose is muh dick and eating food like a nigger will never make it. Having something to strive for is the only thing that keeps me going in this shit world. A real man has to have a goal even if it’s unrealistic if it’s something you can work towards that isn’t awful it will give your life some fulfillment.

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You’re discovering what a lot of people with money do, that your life wasn’t boring because you didn’t have money, your life was boring because you are boring. Your friends are boring, you can’t keep yourself interested in anything beyond eating and fucking. Basically your life will be an blurry stream of going from one city to another, one restaurant to another. You’ll start buying into dads like veganism and meditation in your thirties as you become convinced that your life lacks “convictions” only to find yourself bored once again. Until finally you’ll spend your forties incessantly complaining to your shrink whilst neurotically saboting whatever remaining friendships you have due to your own bitterness.

At least that’s what happened to most of my extended family when my grandfather died and left his manufacturing business to his kids.

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OP, it is because you are living the selfish life of hedonistic pleasure - this is shallow and as you have seen you reach the bottom pretty quickly. You must turn to God and learn to live for others instead of yourself - recognize all people, all living things as extensions of the self, because we are all incarnations of the same soul. Spread your fortune and bring joy to those who have little, those who will be grateful. Or join the jihad and find purpose in destruction of evil.

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Get a job. Artificially make life for yourself a bit harder. Set goals. IDK try to become a billionaire, or some shit like that, because the outerlimits of the universe are your limits.

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>I know you're all going to call me a larper but I don't care.
>I come from a wealthy real estate family
just stop guy.. not worth it

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Throw a brother 200k, all you will do is for me to try and be like you. But start righr at the start. Debt free. Ive chased the dragon, ive chased the rainboe and ive chased the god damn rhinos on the pokies. Ive tried chasing everything. Throw a brother something cos at the moment, depression is sinking in. I could keep going about my father and what that cunt has done. But i wont...if i throw a link up, id be happy happy to receive and show what this fucker is and what he put me through.

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Your living the dream OP if you want to get rid of some money I'm there for you :)
I have a long way but I will /makeit/

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Wrong screen kek

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