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all your link are belong to us

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What a blatant scam to capitalize on the future industry leader of middleware oracle services

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This is fucking insane.

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Damn linkies got cucked.

What are the chances chainlink can coexist with this? This seems like its already ready and in the game, also to be used by big names.

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Wtf is going on.

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This is bullish for the real link
1k is fud
We already have people impersonating the name of our coin and savior

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There is nothing stopping people from making their own "chainlink" and that is what happened here.

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0xLINK mainnetX 2.0 is ready for launch

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Dozens of types of soda yet Coke is still #1.

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Except coke had decades to build up their name and rep and had an actual marketable and functioning product.

Chainlink had autistic fat neckbeards spamming reddit kek meme holdover from the elections and promises of a main net Soon(TM).

It doesn't have the name recognition to be compared to coke.

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God it's a glorious day when linkfags finally get BTFO. Hopefully this time they never return

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>he FOMOed in
>put him to slip, load Zie Japan FUD

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I dont know if this with the line link is some sort of a final test for all the marines. Stay strong brothers, one and true chainlink $1000 eoy

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Everything you said is irrelevant when you have a better product.

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>thinks better product always wins
>thinks he can can chainlink a better product when it doesn't even currently function

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>1000$ EOY

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Explain how having a better product hasn't always made x business better than y business with a lesser product. Please enlighten me on what products exist in the market that aren't the best but have the largest market share.

>implying it's not

Kill all mentally ill cartoon posters.

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good good

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You are saying all the top Cryptos are the best tech wise in their class? Really?

Quality doesn't always mean you win. There are many variables and factors.

>cartoon posters

As if it wasn't already obvious you were a newfag.

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Is this a shadow fork?

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What if we start shilling this with same inane bullshit and fervor we do original link? Then all would-be partners and users will think this is same libertard neo-nazi bullshit from 4chan and skip it?

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>implying someone is a new fag for calling out your mental illness

Something doesn't have to be perfect for it to be good. Please explain why all the cryptos that are evidently much better than the tops ones aren't at the top. It's not because the others were created first.

Take your smug sub 90 IQ and blow it out your ass

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How is this not bullish?
We have chinks and pajeets that see the huge potential in Chainlink they want to try to cash in and scam normies.

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Yes it is dumb fuck. You think ETH and BTC are the absolute best tech around? Or numerous other top tier coins? You're fucking deluded.

Even outside the crypto world you think every big company is the top dog because their quality, value etc. Is the absolute best? Fuck no.

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Life must be hard for you.

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Intel CPUs

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Wow so this is the power of newfag argumentation.... Woah.

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What point is there in arguing with a mentally ill cartoon faggot who thinks that just because a product comes out before another that is the sole reason they have a larger market share? None because you're retarded.

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I didn't say any of that you fucking idiot. I said there are far more factors in determining something's success sans quality, release date is just one of many.

You're the most naive fucking idiot underage I've ever seen if you honestly think the superior product always wins out.

Go back to plebbit now little boy.

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>couldn't disprove my factual claim that the better product always wins

It's okay you're retarded. Most of the world is stupid.

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>factual claim

I don't think you know what that means.

>most of the world is stupid

Dont own a mirror huh?

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linklets when will they learn?

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Mentally ill faggots with sub 90 IQ hate facts.

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Buy Chainlink Gold Sir
Store of oracle value on ethereum blockchain

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unironically all this fake and true link proves that meme magic is real

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>Everything you said is irrelevant when you have a better product.

yea just look at Linux for example, it's the best OS and that's why its the most used operating system in the world

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It's like you people think this even does remotely the same thing as Chainlink, lmao.

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forgot pic

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Bullish as fuuuuuuk they know and want to ride coat tails. Soon everyone will know. The singularity will turn every head and ring in the ears of every fair maiden and every lowdown scoundrel. You will see. You will all see.

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Sadly, marketing>best product when it comes to anything normie related.
Good thing link aint for normies

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>Bullish as fuuuuuuk they know and want to ride coat tails
>the biggest social network in Japan with thousands of employees and 200 mil monthly users is trying to "ride the coat tails" of a little erc20 shitcoin project

Chainlink is so insignificant to them that they don't even care it exists

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Holy balls, it's the real deal. Just traded old LINK for new LINK at a rate of 1:20.
I'm a fucking brigadier general now, get ranked faggots.

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most drive thrus and automated kiosks run on linux but ok

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where ? how?

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>Comparing massive multinational company that has existed for a hundred years and produces addictive substance that started out as cocaine when there where no rules against it with a shitcoin that anyone can fork and has existed for less than a year.


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One word: Sega dreamcast

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The only reasonable reaction to this is for us to brigade the shit out of this babydick impostor and spam their social media with hitler memes.

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im selling all my link

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