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Been in crypto several years. Ethereum has some major hurdles to overcome if it will work in the long run what are your thoughts anon?

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It's dead, everything is moving to eos now.

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EOS is dead, everything is moving to eth now.

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We are at breaking point Sirs. Devs decide on block reward reduction in 12 hours. Either we moon past $360 (former support) or go below $200.

Also buttmex killed ETH this month due to the perpetual swap contracts.

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>Top ETH dapp: Idex, with 18,720 tx and $1,184,565 volume in the past 24 hours
>Top EOS dapp: EOSbet, with 128,194 tx and $3,808,719 volume in the past 24 hours
Time to move the goal posts once again

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wow those some crazy numbers. Ya I was suspecting that eos will be coming up soon

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Got 40 ETH and 2,000 EOS and 15m HOT

I know I am going to break 100k next year

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can you comp me the rundown on block reward debate?
which is good which is bad?

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platforms are dead in the water. Fuck them all

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Also here is the meeting link which will be streamed live on youtube if you want to panic sell with me: https://github.com/ethereum/pm/issues/55

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From the meeting agenda:

Three competing EIPs to delay the difficulty bomb and reduce/maintain the block reward:

a. EIP-858 - Delay bomb and reduce block reward to 1 ETH per block.

b. EIP-1234 - Delay bomb and reduce block reward to 2 ETH.

c. EIP-1295 - Delay bomb, keep rewards to 3 ETH, change other factors such as POW incentive structure.

Basically a and b will cause moon and c will cause crash. A and b limit the inflation rate to the same or less than Buttcoin. All of this is moot come PoS but that is a couple years away.

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were you get this projection chart?

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will this btfo miners? thinking about shorting nvidia

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It's a (((bloomberg))) cuck chart of what not to look at

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>look mommy I put numbers in the boxes

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give it read yourself, I never liked platforms/infrastructures because they would need to generate a shitload of utility to cover their current market caps let alone have some room for more growth, this research even if it may not be super accurate especially within the next year, imo shows the right trend where it's all going

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atleast bitcoin has their reward schedule set in stone lol
I couldn't imagine leaving the block reward in the hands of developers
also the same developers who don't want to fork away from ASIC miners

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No one in the industry thinks like this holy shit you are a slave
>works the same as "currency" coin
>does other things as well
Low IQ prey

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no one is gonna use use eth over btc/monero just as no one is using oil/oil futures as a store of value over gold/silver

the worst are the fucking typical chuck e cheese tokens like xlm or xrp, I doubt they will go to 0 next year because this market isn't mature enough to realize what's worth something and what's worthless but 0 is where they both are going within the next years

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