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Imagine the moon thats coming......

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>hardware vendor scam

pick one

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What scam coin doesn't look like this right now

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None. It crashed on non fundamental ie muh kidnapping this Summer.

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>just look at these fags, they paid money to get a new internet without spying or censorship
>hook, line and sinker

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No, they paid money for a worthless piece of equipment that is completely unnecessary in the context of building a new internet.
Thus: SCAM

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it fucking better come. im tired of being poor

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>y-you can just use 4G! and gotennas! that's kind of new internet, right?

You're not even certain of what you're talking about. Show me a device with better i/o than the official Skyminer for less than $500.

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the skyminer doesn't provide the bandwidth, the antennas you buy separately to connect them do.
make no mistake, 15 km antennas are the real innovation, not sky.

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>buy our branded devices goys
>its the new internet goys


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>not understanding MPLS
>not understanding file caching
>not understanding the whitehat botnet
>not understanding the importance of RAM in routing packages
>lol, guys just put up a bunch of antennas, we can all just use FTP and move files around, lol

You're disappointing me anon.

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Okay we get it anon, you're a fucking virgin

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Imagine being this much of an NWO CU᠌CK that you're content to lick the boots of your masters while they tell you what websites you're allowed to visit and what political views you're allowed to have.

>wrongthink? no more social media
>wrongthink? no more video platform
>wrongthink? no more DNS
>wrongthink? no more hosting
>wrongthink? no more payment processing

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Will you guys ever tire of fudding this coin?
The deidication is actually impressive.
4000 link threads a day, multiple others, and and soon as sky is mentioned I see the same shit like clockwork.
just leave the threads to die if you hate it so much.
it's really weird.
I don't even own any sky and it's infuriating.

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kek you reek of desperation
good selling points though. at least you hadrware vendor scammers are clever enough to pick something interesting

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Still a hardware vendor scam.

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Yeah, they're really raking it in with that DIY support.

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No, they're raking it with the overpriced skyminers that you idiots keep advertising here all the time.
Nice deflection attempt.

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>hey guys, here's an official miner you can buy to support the development of the project
>or just DIY whatever you want, your call

Yeah, those guys are real car salesmen over there. Hit me with something harder little buddy.

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you get a full rebate minus the cost of the hardware ($600). no different than an ICO.

they actually havent sold any official miners in months either. if they wanted to scam for as many bitcoin as they could, they would still be pumping them out instead of focusing completely on the software right now

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This is literally every altcoin right now. You're guaraneteed to at least double your money buying right now in anything halfway decent.

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Yeah, but Skycoin is a top 20 coin in 2019, the effect is an order of magnitude greater for it specifically.

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Its not a scam. Its a great project long in the making. Calling fucking everything a scam when there are genuine chink scams is fucking old as fuck. Helps no one here. So fuck off.

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Not really its really only one of maybe less than 10 projects that are genuine good long term investments. 90% of alts are junk copy pasta chink clones and eth shitcoins with no work going on or innovation. The drop of sky was due to fud mainly.

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