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>muh feminists
>muh gays and trannys
>hurr durr going to zero anon
>hurr durr I am just trying to fud to get a lower price as if a few hundred people on a dutch bread baking forum will make the price drop when they capitulate over a 50 IQ fud post

Admit it. You should have listened to intelligent shilling and not low tier fud.

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most of the FUD was made by salty retards that missed the first moon after ICO. Their emotions got in the way of their logic so they continued to FUD and not buy even after it dipped.
>mfw I bought at ICO + another 3 dips after seeing the hype and made a fuckton of money in a bear market

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Had my injection today and am feeling even more emotionally insecure than usual. Can someone list off some reasons why they like trans girls? I just want to feel like I might be able to be loved some day..

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What was the big news that caused this pump?

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Transgenderism is a psycho-social construct that has no basis in biology. You are mentally ill and this post belongs on a different board.

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Nuh-uh, gender is a social construct, which is why people need hormones and surgery to change it.

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daily reminder, all of the cells in your body contain x and y chromosomes and no injection can change that.

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It will die OP

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Because if there wasn't any big news, run for the hills.

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I just want a holochad to love me

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Dumping already, trannies

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It's called correcting little mong. I know your poor little brain has trouble with all these words and technical analysis. Go sit in the corner and play with your shitcoins quietly and leave the money making to those who can understand fundamentals.

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Right you are you furious faggot

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gender dysphoria is real and you have it. there is no amount of hormones that can change it. if you do not get help, there is an 80% chance of suicide. get help, anons.

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Back off you douche bag armchair "psychologist". You have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Being bi-sexual doesn't mean you will want to kill yourself. Holy shit the stuff that people post on this board is straight retarded.

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