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Are you ready?

Q4 is coming up fast, and Sky will take over the market in terms of device release, upcoming updates on Skywire and soon will moon again.

I am thinking about accumulating until EOM, and after get the miner as well, maybe get one or two Kitties.
Is there anyone else who is involved in more sky projects in the same time?

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OP, focus on what brings a lot of income, then when you re comfy you can diversify. I d go all in with the coin, it will iminently moon

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Go all in fren, it s gonna blow soon. A new pump and is on the horizon you can't miss this train really

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Btw whats the price of the Kitties? How many players in the game? Will they become precious collectibles at some point?

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It's a long shot fren, building a cat from zero then you 're not sure if it sells.. go with the real deal, buy the coin you can't miss. Ok maybe just give it a try with the cat but it s a long term and you need to find a buyer.

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>Btw whats the price of the Kitties?
some legendary Kitties were auctioned for 1 BTC
>How many players in the game?
The game isn't launched yet
>Will they become precious collectibles at some point?
Yes already

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What you are saying is for the short term, now while the pump, and I do agree with you on this one. In the same time, I am bored to follow the market, wait for the moon and so on, I want more, some action as well. Don't know if you can understand me...

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Is obelisk live? Thought they already ditched it, before even running a mainnet.

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The number of players is visibly growing. I mean, at each KittyDrop you have to hurry otherwise you lose your chance to get some. This happened to me actually, I thought I have plenty of time to get some, and bum, no more. Now, I am waiting for the next KittyDrop.

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What about the SkyMiner?

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i bought a gen 1 skyminer and now i have to apply for food stamps and medicaid

hope youre enjoying my bitcoin synth

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I don't want to shake your confidence in skycoin but is simply not wise to go all in. never, for whatever coin even if it moons.

invest enough now to feel relaxed about it and then invest some more while it moons

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Wait, what? Invest while it moons? Who will have the money to buy at that price?

The whole point is not to buy now while the price is still affordable?

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>>obelisk 2.0
any news on this? or just rumors?

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OP, be confident.
I understand you completely when you say it gets boring only to hold some coins. You see? all you do is have some debates when it moons. I have an official Skyminer, and makes my daily life much more exciting.

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How did you get your hands on it? The waiting list is so long... i think they’ll have Skyminer v2 till the list gets to me

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SkyCoin had been down for quite a while ,now it s time to buy some because the coin will cap any day now. Untill you get full skycoin pack with miner, hardwere wallet and the possibility to sell extra power you shoul at least buy some coins, you will not regret it

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lmaooooooooo at all the pajeets shilling this absolute shitcoin in this thread, go away synth nobody is buying

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I am in since the first generation release. All you need is to have some patience. If you really want, you will get it for sure.

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fuck off.
So annoying that you can't discuss a coin, because is already labeled as shilling. Just fuck off, and leave people on /biz/ discuss whatever the they want.

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buy low sell high ofc. if you re not a speculator just make a long term investment and take all the risks associated with that

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What you're doing is not discussing but fucking each other in the ass. Discussions have critical points discussed

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Ranjid, I have respect for you. You degrade yourself to ensure your survival, but please work ob your technique. Skycoin threads are the most obvious shill threads there are.

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really? so what happened to that 0.9 BTC rebate fren? flushed down the toilet?

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yeah since i got it in skycoin which is now worthless

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yet another fuders going about their daily jobs. thanks, now go back to your rice and curry

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nothing official
there is always room for improvement and Obelisk is already a better option than pow/pos. just thinking of how both pow//pos can control data consistency based on resources; the resources are provided to those who secure the network by those who secure the network; get it?! with pow the control over the network belongs to the one who has the higher hash rate and with pos the control belongs to the one with more staked coins.

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Mhm you are wrong on so many levels fag I don't even know where to begin with. Saying just this: the image was shaken and of course the market crashed but saying that skycoin has been down is just shittalk. If you are truly a supporter, stop shittalking. Do it as a favor for those who actually invested.

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