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> Be me
> One of my superiors is a nice touchy feely woman whose over twice my age
> She has put her hand on my shoulder, whispered into my ear, shared sentiments about coworkers, and put her hand on my bicep and squeezed
> Today we were talking
> Sharing stories
> She shares a story
> Begins pulling up her one piece dress to show me an injury relevant to story
> Oh shit
> Shows me the injury on her thigh, keeps it revealed for a decent chunk of time

Anons what did she mean by this?

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it means that you are in the wrong board

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no matter what you do, she will go from this to that. you lost your job already.

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Women feel rewarded when they receive attention from males. Sometimes they even show their body parts to get that dopamine rush. Don't take it personally, she's not necessarily hitting on you. However she does like to have males looking paying attention to her.

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>over twice my age

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Old desperate hag

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Unlike most women in the office she isn't fat, looks older than her age though.

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Benjamin Franklin says to go for it.
Let her show you da wei.

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If you fuck her and things go south she’ll #metoo your ass into oblivion. If you reject her she’ll do the same.

#2018 #metoo #equalityexceptwhenitsadetrimenttome

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Tell her you are gay or quit your job.

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Yeah man do it for Benji

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Same reason why so many girls send nudes. Not always are they attracted to you, but they want that approval from males that gives them that dopamine rush.

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she meant be poopoo when others peepee

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She's his superior so if he fucks her then reports her straight away he'll probably maybe be ok.

Given the danger he faces from rejection he may as well take the initiative and go on offensive.

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what about this /biz/
>temp contract at it company
>share office with girl (we're both early 20s)
>back to back
>a week passes
>engaged in work
>start hearing a faint sucking sound
>continue to work, paying no mind
>sucking gets louder and louder. is she eating something?
>hear tongue, sucking and light moans
>work is getting difficult.
>she is not eating, she's sucking her fingers or something.
>stare blankly at computer screen attempting to continue working
>she lets out a loud slurp and a moan, then stops

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you're the most autistic person alive

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I do my best. Really just wanted to share the greentext of course I knew what she meant.
I'm married so really I would only do something if it could be a FFM, not a cheater.

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Anon if you post this samr faggoty thread one more time Im gona fucking hunt you down.
My god youre annoying

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He should've guess she's a parasite looking for trouble.

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She is setting you up to get metoo'd if you act on her signals.

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I'm aware what her intentions were and I did everything I could to ignore it. I just haven't been in the workforce very long and it makes me wonder are women like this in workplaces all over? In OPs case the power dynamics seem to be part but this is just ridiculous do they have any self control?

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Heard about the #metoo stuff sounds attention seeking

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Fucking incels giving bad advice again

Just be nice, faggot. Don't escalate it if you care about the job. Just let her do her thing. If she pushes too hard, tell her you have a girlfriend and things are getting kind of serious, and that you've never cheated before.

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I just fapped to this thread

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Do you have a gf?

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>Accuses others of being incel
>Suggests telling aggressive boss you have a girlfriend

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time to FUCK her with your PENIS

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Which is exactly the right move. Don't shit where you sleep.

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Why not?

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>woman exposes her thigh to you
>and you didn't have sex

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Mate, the fake girlfriend sotry can make this situation worse, we dont know if the boss likes cucking other girls

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Bumping the good advice.

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Wise men once said: Don't shit where you eat.

Applies here anon. If this is your job and it's your bread and butter, don't even think about having romantic relationships with your co-workers. It's really not worth it.

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>tell her you have a girlfriend and things are getting kind of serious
Bad advice. Just go with the flow, flirt if you must but NEVER escalate and don't bite the apple no matter how tempting it might be. The moment you take the bait of her advances, the more you dig yourself into a hole.

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Bring up sexual harassment charges
Get money

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