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I genuinely hope link posters get cancer

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karma is going to make it so you're the only one who ends up with it

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there is no karma
it's a fairy tale for street shitters

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>he believes in karma

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when it happens, i want you to think of this post because you brought it upon yourself

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Jokes on you faggot I already had cancer and survived.
>2500 eoy

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I just wish they would stop posting so much, they're ridiculous.

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Do not make fun of link I fuck your mother

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but you just made a LINK thread, anon

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Yea, no need to be so mean. Just remember Total Biscuit.

Think where we are, frens. Few years from now on new posters are going to flood the biz because of the bull run, and we are the heroes then who got in "early". And even their turn will come too, but in waves, just as ours. Nostalgia is made in the present.

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No need to, their own delusion will be their undoing

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