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Mainnet confirmed not happening this year. In fact 2019 would be pushing it. They're still fucking miles off.

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Sell your stack or do you browse telegrams of all coins to just shit on them

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i might consider buying in at 10 cents.

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/ourguy/ and all these late adopter redditors tell us to stop fudding.

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this fucking pissed me off. No wonder people buy into the hype then sell their shit. I have to wait for the next bull run to get out now. who know when the fuck that is

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>hasn't even built the network

Did you even read this back anon? He's talking about the network of nodes required to make it decentralised. Mainnet is coming soon, then the next step is to setup the network of nodes which will run the mainnet.

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Fuck this is EOS/ADA all over again

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OH NO I guess I better sell and buy back later after everything is finished and the price has pumped.

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Good I’ll take too 10

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You'll buy the 1,000 LINK I'll graciously sell to you at $20 and like it faggot

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Shouldn't take that long to build a network if it is defined in that way.

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>I have to wait for the next bull run to get out now.
I wish there was a seperate crypto board for people who got in at the end/beginning of year bull run.

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fucking retard. the network isn't something that's being built on github. building the network is literally all about shilling the project to as many people as possible in hopes that they buy link and set up nodes. this is why fudders this late in the game are the biggest pieces of shit (and complete brainlets) ever. how do you all not understand this? CHAINLINK IS A NETWORK OF DECENTRALIZED ORACLES AND THERE WILL BE NO NETWORK IF IT REMAINS MUH SECRET CLUB NOW AND FOREVER

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>hasn't built the network
>but they've built the MAIN network

this is some next level cope anon

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>linkers always talking about "mainnet" moon


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this is fucking bullish as the network is built after the mainnet is released

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>then the next step is to setup the network of nodes which will run the mainnet.

no, this needs to begin before mainnet so that nodes are already in place when mainnet is ready. what good is the finished product with no network? this is why sergey and rory have given out orders to begin shilling. that's why the marketing campaign is kicking off.

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Calm down Rakesh I promise I’ll buy your bags at 15 cents in a few months

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dickhead. Ive been holding btc since gox days. I just got into trading shitcoins since all the price action last year

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>the marketing campaign
about that...

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lmao retard with 2nd grade reading comprehension


give this one a try, sound out the words with your mouth as you read along.

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>has no argument

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and i was being called a mong yesterday for being contrarian to "BUY LINK LOL"

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"What I don’t see anywhere though is the consensus and validation code? Right now this looks like a standalone client that simply stores the jobs and can execute them. I don’t see any p2p replication, I don’t see any transaction systems, and I don’t see their own consensus. And I hate to say it, but that’s the difficult part, they have done the easy part. Which means they are very far away from reaching their whitepaper goals."

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they need people to buy so the devs and Sergey can dump their bags and continue funding their retarded project, they need about another 2 years before they're even close lmao

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There is already a network of people ready to set up nodes that have been waiting patiently for mainnet. Once it's up, it won't take long. Don't know why I'm bothering to respond to this.

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How can there be a network of decentralized nodes when the mainnet where the nodes are supposed to live isn’t even out yet?

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lmao of course

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This changes nothing...just more accumulation time.

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that's not a network faggot. we're talking about a network in the sense of code and configurations and servers, all communicating with each other. you don't have a network, you have gullible faggots who want to run nodes.

exactly my point, retard. there isn't any network at all. you're so far away from mainnet it's laughable.

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Accumulation days are over. This is the absolute bottom and a parabolic rise is coming in a few hours

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yeah i was going to drop another 3k in last night but thank god i didnt

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>Chainlink mainnet soon
>No network
>Chainlink doesn't need a network to work
>Chainlink is ready
>Multiple partnerships believing in Chainlink even though it has never been stress tested

Cope level: intergalactic

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Aaaanddd link is dumping. Based rory. I wonder if he also has a deposit coming in on Monday.

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Good luck. Ico price was 11 cents. Its never gone below ico

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hope you 4chan faggots are right about LINK... took out 15k loan just to hopefully make it

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inb4 40 replies. get a life. or even better - end it.

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How can accumulation be over if the mainnet is not even releasing this year? This is not bad news though, I don't want them to rush this because they only have one shot to make it work.

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This code review was done 3 months ago brainlet.

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>hasnt been stress tested
What even is ropsten you curry scented, cleft palated, caste system bottom feeding pajeet?

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thanks just sold 100k

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Except there was no real extensive testing done on ropsten

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No network = no real testing

Cope harder.

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Yes, go back to your make-believe bubble where everything is set for you to have the life you always wanted and the only thing you need to do is trust someone else to solve it all. There is nothing for you to do, just wait. It will all get better once you make it. Your parents will be proud of you and look up to you. Your friends will respect you and want to be on your life more often. You'll find love, be sure of it. Once you've uncovered who you really are after acquiring your wealth people will agree with you: You're the best! You’re so smart! You’re so lucky! I am so lucky to have met you, I'm always going to be by your side, and I love you. I love you. Maybe she does and maybe she won't leave. Maybe your new and old friends like you all the same and do care for you. Maybe your parents do think they did a great job raising you. Or maybe you don't have anyone at all. Even better then, because once you make it none of this will matter.

That's because everything you've dreamed of being depends on only one decision. Would you'd made it if it wasn't for this? Would you'd made it if you didn't risk being a fool for a year or two before whatever scam you're attached to succeeded? I don't think so and you don't think so either.

That's why you're still here, looking for yet another clue to lay back and be calm while you wait for the day when the rest of your life can truly begin. Keep waiting.

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Sell and dump the price so we can buy cheaper. we got a ways to go

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Semantics Game: On point nigga

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As someone who has held since ICO/ED I'm just thrilled that all the impatient newfags will be butthurt by this.
Faggots who thought main net somehow didn't include the decentralised network of nodes that, you know, constitute the entire Chainlink product. Fucking lol you lot are retarded. I hope you all sell.

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Can I see the context in which he said this?

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suddenly everyone on this thread is an expert on blockchain middleware dont you idiots have anything better to do on a sunday morning

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Pretty shitty fud here, as always.

1k eoy

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ofcourse not, it would ruin the fud

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Crypto is to beets what lottery is for boomers.
Boomers buy a ticket just to daydream about hitting that 100million poweball even when deep down they know it’s a 1 in a billion chance.
Deep down you know there is no way chainlink would make a bunch of neet retards millionaires but it’s ur ticket to dreamland.

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Haha basically what I was thinking. Seeing all these weak hands makes it much more clear how so many people sold their btc and ether before it mooned.

Only the marines keep strong hands, among all these baseless fuds.

For those who believe this shit FUD, just look at the pivotal tracker. The aggregation and reputation tasks are already in sight, with not many more epics left to be completed.

Don't know why I'm even trying, most people are too much brainlet to even think clearly.

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it is totally taken out of context

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kek idiot

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Cope harder. This screenshot is just from today (16th August) They are so far away from any results. Why do you think they've started shilling it now? They're running out of funds and need new buyers.
Thread carefully

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>From today
>16th August

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this wins the most retarded thread of the week

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One year after the ICO and they haven't even started to build the network.
The crypto space is such a joke. In a few years the term ICO will be synonymous with scam.

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this dumbfuck again? im elated that enough people are intentionally fudding or forgot to flush themselves long enough for new plebbit fags to believe it. honestly i thought people were smarter than that. you poor souls.

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Not even this will stop link shills from screeching about muh singularity or %arbitrary_4-digit_amount_of USD_EOY%

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the autists have the ability to time travel dontcha know

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I hope it dips hard then i’ll buy.

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>nothing has happened

oh really

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Australia has a different timezone

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Today, 3 days ago, 1 week ago, the point is the meat and potatoes of the project hasn't even begun.

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Hahaha deluded linklets rekt

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You low on meds again?

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>in the sense of code and configurations and servers

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>drunk on the internet
>t. delusional nolinker

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literally just dumped all my LINK. A cool 2x i'll take it

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you must like waging

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Keep coping, nothing has been done.

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somebody just bought out the book on Binance. God bless all LINK anons we are going to make it

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I can keep going if you want, there is plenty of evidence that we are nowhere near mainnet

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what is everyone surprised about we all know link is an unfinished project and why its still 30 cents is because there is no marketing hype medium updates any communication at all combined with an unfinished product

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did you delete this?

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everyone knows this buddy i don't know why you think its a big deal to explain we are a year out. there's always a few outliers in a bunch that think an EMP is going to hit California tomorrow too. big deal.

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The mainnet has to be out first for nodes to be created, jesus you’re dumb.

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yeah, but did you delete it or someone else? thats what im asking

>> No.10757512

he deleted it newfag. idk why.

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im good sitting on a fortune

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what is this incomprehensibly unwarranted pan-universal multi-timeline projection doing on my 4chan?

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By network I'm assuming he doesn't just mean the node operators but also the aggregation and consensus mechanisms?

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Well yeah, you dont plant your smart contracts on a network that just started running. You want that shit robust. So expect some bugs and black swan events like eth fork that will bring link to 10c for me to buy and /biz/ to sell

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Being cucked by a cuck
Cuckception partnership confirmed

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These poor poor people, I cannot imagine having to deal with you autists in a professional work setting.
The temptation to call you all Nigger Kike Faggots would be way to strong.

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Wow, that was dumb.

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Topkek vauluation based on all tokens being in circulation. No mention of of staking/penalty requirements. 5/10 FUD. Which one of you is Alex Cook?

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maximum cope interpretation

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>being this retarded

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Valiant effort Alex but there is no way all coins will be in circulation since a large amount will be caught up in nodes.

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>For the rest of you, all you need to know is that without Chainlink, cryptocurrencies will never reach even 1% of the world’s economy.

>Just for fun, let’s look at the current price of the assets I’ve listed today and the value I hope from them by the end of 2018.

This isn’t scientific and is based on nothing more than my optimism.

Ethereum $1,060 -> $17,200 (Yes, I understand this is unrealistic)

Omise Go $17.19 -> $140

Raiden $4.63 -> $7

Request Network Token $0.48 -> $8

Kyber Network Crystals $3.67 -> $12

Chainlink $0.88 -> $400 (or 100 Trillion per token, I have no idea how to even calculate this.)

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He's right, but he's also a brainlet pageet who got kicked off medium.

>> No.10758997

he deleted it because saying 'nothing has happened' isn't the truth. they have done a ton of work which can be seen on the pivotal tracker

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Shit. I'll tell reddit it's off

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So with all the burgers I’ve been eating lately (gladly of course) I decided today to try an old favorite, the McDonalds Big Mac. I’ll admit, this used to be my favorite meal on earth, but since it’s been years since I’ve eaten anything at McDonalds that wasn’t on their Value Menu, I was really looking forward to having a Big Mac.

As always,the service was fast, the burger was delivered and the fries were crispy for the first 10 minutes. Overall the Big Mac is still one of my favorite “Fast Food Burgers” because of the secret sauce and because it’s so different. We all know that the you don’t eat a Big Mac for the meat and after eating a lot of really good, meaty burgers over the last few months, it was the sauce that helped me enjoy this meal.

My Big Mac rating is simple:the secret sauce is tangy, sweet and makes for a nice burger. It’s one of my favorite fast food burgers but only because of the unique and secret sauce.

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>rory is lying

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They have singular nodes but have yet to join them together as a network of nodes.

This ain’t news.

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This is actually bullish for chainlink

$2500 timeline still valid

>> No.10759098

There are literally people on /biz/ who have spent their IRL money on Chainlink tokens, who thought that "main net" would get launched and then the decentralised network of nodes would get "added" some time after.
Fucking hilarious.

>> No.10759112

It was a bogus tweet to begin with, don't let these fud jamokes get in your head.

>> No.10759114

Why is mainnet being delayed till 2019 a bad thing? Is it just anons being impatient?

>> No.10759121


>> No.10759138

It's just the begining. Same logo

>> No.10759173

Most of us are done collecting our stacks, its time to fly.

>> No.10759232

Only the late arrival and greedy swingtraders are fudding now. Look at the tears and hate displayed by the ones who sold at .27 looking for a drop to .20 or less to get back in. Fricking comedy Gold, look who fuds the hardest, that is him/her/them.

>> No.10759245

...so it's just lack of patience.

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building a netwrok takes abojt 2 weeks.

>> No.10759546

he wasn't lying, but what he said was obviously going to be inaccurately interpreted way too easily.

>> No.10759559

You're never done accumulating your stack you braindead pajeet

>> No.10759647

Ah yes, Pajeeta Streeta, the patron saint of toilet witches. She is well known around these parts for tickling unsuspecting buttholes.

>> No.10759709

the question was: when is mainnet? the answer was: we have to build the network.

what is hard to understand? they have to build the network of node operators plus aggregation before mainnet launch

>> No.10759756

that hurt to read anon...

>> No.10759794

desu where can I buy some integra. it's not showing on cmc

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>Only the late arrival and greedy swingtraders are fudding now. Look at the tears and hate displayed by the ones who sold at .27 looking for a drop to .20 or less to get back in. Fricking comedy Gold, look who fuds the hardest, that is him/her/them.

Truth. Just fucking buy assholes you learned something swing trading is fucking risky. You can shitost fud here all day I'm not selling and continuing buying.

>> No.10760213

I'm buying even if it hist $5 just to stick it to these faggots

>> No.10760231

Sean would never buy those off brand niggers.

>> No.10760261

lol retards, ropstein testnet is a carbon copy of main net, stress testing is currently undergoing. a flip of the switch and main net is live.

>> No.10760391

>people will build nodes before the node platform is released

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