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What if a country like Russia just left the global kike financial system and then established something like Monero as it's currency?

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Considering the only thing worth a fuck coming out of this country is ressources and traffic videos, the following would happen:

1st: Europe would have one relatively cold winter, as they get their gas from Russia - but as Russia does not accept USD anymore, they cannot buy it
2nd: Russias economy would completely collapse
3rd: Europe would get more ressources from other countries and cut their dependence from Russian ressources completely, as Russia has proven itself to be an untrustworthy partner
4th: Russian economy is fucked for decades to come
5th: every Russian would hate cryptocurrencies

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But I think the traffic videos would be even more hillarious.

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>he thinks EU buys gas with USD

State of biz.

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lol your entire premise is built from point 1 but EU doesn't exclusively deal in USD for oil so basically you're actually mentally retarded

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they could simply make their own Gold backed crypto.

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>What if a country did that



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If gradually accomplished over a period of approximately 12 years to two decades, it would result in an increased shifting of the Overton Window regarding crypto. Also Monero would go up. There would be a war over it. Also, XMR poses immediate accounting and accountability problems, so perhaps that's not the best asset in the class to use as an example. Ultimately it would result in increased centralization (paradoxically speaking). Then, in 2041, a rogue AI will steal all of it and the country will have no monetary system and collapse entirely.

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What if you were a faggot and suddenly realized you are a faggot ?

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To expand slightly, if it were accomplished suddenly (faster than c. 12-20 years) then it would result in enough of a significant destabilization to cause insurmountable problems immediately.

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We might have to seriously go to war if they tried this.

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Be it EUR or USD or RMB or ZAR if you like - if Russia would not accept regular currencies anymore, they are fucked through and through. Because literally nobody wants RUB. And for the exact same reasons, why nobody wants KPW - the country printing the currency has proven to be ruled by irrational kleptocratic dictators.

Great mother Russia will degenerate into the discounter for China. Deal with it.

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Seriously kys

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>guys i swear i know what i am talking about nevermind the fact i just demonstrated i have no clue what i am talking about pls listen to meeeeeeeeeeeeee

hahahaha lmfao get rekt Jebadiah

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lol. do it.

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the shithole will collapse in the next decade as is why speed things up?

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Redpill me on the global financial system like I am retarded

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According to Peter Zeihan, Russia is going to invade poland and some other nearby countries soon to re establish the old soviet union. Since they have a demographic crisis like china they are running out of military aged males. but if they move on those nearby countries now they stand a decent chance of seizing those areas. That's if the US pulls out of those areas which we might since the EU is falling apart and the US really doesn't have a stake in it anymore.

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