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Unironically this, why /biz/ hate this coin?

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because it's the painfull reminder that they were scammed into all those pointless shitcoins that promised something that anyone with even a passing idea of the technology knew was complete bullshit.
Because the team is normie friendly instead of the autistic snake oil salesmen they idolize.
because it's undeniable proof that they truly are the pathetic failures their moms boyfriend always said they were.
I mean, I get it, it hurts to have this fantasy they built of themselves get crushed by reality, but they need to move on and learn from their mistakes.

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Fuck off with this scam pajeet, just look at the feminist team it's a fucking joke. No way anyone with a brain will ever invest money in those retards

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Don't forget they have Laureli Shimayo. She's their culture coordinater and also works as intuitive eye-reader and romantic matchmaker. Holofags will still come to defend this team kek.

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I'm buying it. Most of the posts are people who don't understand that diversity hires are just a tax on startups these days.

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And because this isn't enough already, the community is full of sandniggers and pajeets who have been trying to pump and dump this shitcoin for months now. Seems a lot of /biz fags fell for it.

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If you're old enough to remember apple in the 80s, you wouldn't care about this inconsequential shit. Arthur Brock is Steve Jobs, Eric Harris-Braun is Steve Wozniak.

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Loads of young coders are involved in holo. What people dont get is holochain isnt really a business its a coordinated group of diverse talents. Ive seen tons of young guys in various hackathons etc.

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You have an ugly soul. That's what Laureli would intuitively read from your eyes.

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nope. both are like 50 and haven't done anything significant in their careers. they were small time programmers, from what their company websites tell. prove me wrong, they were never silicon valley VCs. You just fell for the pnd shills, pic related

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>young people at hackathons
yeah right, look at the talent kek. too me that looks more like a self-help meetup

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This is what they have been working on the last 10 years. Plenty of talented people don't see success until later in life.

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You post jabbering garbage in every holo thread, you're like the buttcoiner of holo

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Woz was no one, Jobs wasn't either. Your argument is invalid.

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they've already used up their marketing potential

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Looks like potentially talented developers to me. Of course I've only met thousands of them.

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Anyone got OPs pic without holochain logo in it?

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All we know for a fact is the code is fucking outstanding. I dont care if a 70 year coded it or a 17 year old.

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>All we know for a fact is the code is fucking outstanding.

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this were their hobbies anon, i am talking about professional achievements/career success.
check the archives goys, we had another thread about holo's code quality and in there you will see the code is everything but outstanding kek. learn to code and stop listening to paid shill reviews.

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This fucking irritates me.

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How many telegrams have you looked at? I've had to leave every single one after they reach a critical mass of idiocy

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here is some more to irritate you, hope that helps
i looked at two of their official channels, both were infested with low iq retards and third-worlders, so i quickly left kek. but there are a lot more telegrams and discords run by literal pajeets

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Haha...holy shit.

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No racims sir please

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>"normie friendly".. even normies will realize holo tried to scam them with those overpriced, glorified servers they call holoports.

Holocucks are really entertaining. So fucking hilarious to see them unironically defend a shitcoin that..

- has a crazy team full of lying leftist boomers and LBQT retards (they even have trannies on the team)
- has unlimited token supply + team holds 25% of the total ico token supply
- is not designed to moon after the mainnet launch, according to the developers (retarded tokenomics)
- has been pumped and dumped by discord pajeets since day one
- has zero anonymity and an insane KYC policy
- is basically useless. According to the dev team, HOT is not needed to run a dapp on Holochain. The dev team more or less created the ICO to get funding for platform development.
- openly states it's only semi-decentralized (with their foundation being a single point of failure)
- sold overpriced servers to scam normies that are to dumb to rent similar hardware for pennies elsewhere
- has many desperate bagholders who are constantly spreading rumors and fake information on /biz to get support for their sell orders. Don't fall for the low effort shills, most of it is easily debunked in seconds

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0.00000000000000000001 USD forever

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Are you new? Every coin Telegram is full of pajeets, they flood in numbers and there are no rakish-free projects

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dude stop coping. you should have seen their pump and dump discussions, i guarantee you this wasn't normal.

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I have witnessed at least two blatant pump and dump attempts, the pajeet shills didn't even care to hide it kek

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>8 posts by this ID

t. skamcoiner that bought at $25

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stay on topic faggot, never held skycoin. if you want to get justed hodling the next REQ, go all in on HOT.

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You a mudder fudder. Go away. We see you.

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>go away
Did your shill attempt fail namefag or why are you retards trying to bury this tread?

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fuckk, i never knew the pump and dump pajeet FUD was actually real REEEEEEEEEEEEE

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sorry to tell you it's a shitcoin fren, but better late than never

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What makes someone so obsessed like this guy here?

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