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If you go to the Holochain website, you will see that they have big and bold ambitions. It’s a currency system, an online data storage system, a way of managing your identity, the basis of a social network, and more. Pretty much everything you’ve ever heard anyone propose as a blockchain-based service, Holochain claims they are going to offer that as well. Whereas most blockchain companies are focused on a particular service, and maybe have some overlap with one or two other potential use cases, Holochain plans to rewrite the fundamentals of the internet itself. The implication of that ambition is that anything that has ever been or could be a service on the internet could be built from a Holochain foundation. Why does the internet need an overhaul? Fundamentally, the nature of the internet is of server and client. Information is stored centrally, and offered out to people who request it. This creates a power dynamic where the people running the servers and housing the data accrue value, and often with that comes wealth and power. Conversely, storing data can be a demanding task, forcing people to set up security systems and invest large sums of money into infrastructure. This creates barriers to entry that favor the previously empowered. The internet is often viewed as a democratic technology, but as time goes on, that notion is challenged by the practicalities of making available the data that everyone would like to have access to.

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>whoring out blessed boy sminem to shill your shitcoin

Fuck off footfags

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Neck yourself noholo

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LOL. Holo will crash and burn.

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The doubters will have their day of reckoning

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kys fucking pajeet

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I say this completely unironically and I know less than 1% of even holo fans will be able to accept it.


I genuinely think Holo has the potential to second in marketcap and potentially beat BTC but I accept its unlikely.

Btc is the new money/gold of the next stage of the information global society.

I believe Holochain is everything else. The decentralised Google of this future.

Im not fucking kidding. Ive been in crypto since 2011 and have predicted all major stages of crypto.

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Post your LARPfolio faggot

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then why aren't you rich and why are you still on biz

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I am rich. Obviously u dont know cause ur poor but even after a few million the game continues....pajeets think its all about buying a donkey and a wife...one for sex and the other to cook for you.

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startups that try to do everything at once are doomed to fail
if any of you pajeets had any actual business sense, you'd understand why

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Charts like this are unironically cherrypicking in the visual form

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Holy shit I read that and it made perfect sense.

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lol get fucked larper

unironically this. a team isn't getting shit done when there isn't a more narrow focus. scope creep on a project like this will be insane.

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Constellation put up a great video today that explained what Holo is also doing. All of these tools were already made and idiots like Vitalik are just rebuilding 30 years worth of tools from scratch.

Holo and DAG are actually using the 30 years of science and piecing it together to beat these new structures at their own game.

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>make node structure
>make hosting dapp

God yeah man scope creep is insane on this. What's next after that they make a private version of the compute model?! that's atleast another 6 months of porting code over from existing projects that already do this. Idk how they will ever do it.

I wish some of you faggots went to school so you knew what was out there and how in school they force you to look at libraries

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If HOLO was truly great it would be spammed to the point of annoyance like other coins that won’t be named here. The fact that you know which coin I’m referring to tells you HOLO has a long way to go before it shows up on the radars of the autistic NEETs that are always ahead of the curve on this board

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I am pretty sure people on biz like holo for the same shitty reason normies love xrp. They can finally have large stacks in their portfolio and they think "hurrrr it only needs to go to 0,10 and imma be rich"

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literally a boomer coin

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>t. tranny defending a tranny dev team

neck yourself you degenerate

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