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2000$ by 2021

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To be honest, I'm not really that interested in the price right now, the tech is what appeals to me (I already deleted my blockfolio). I believe in the project, so the day to day price is of little concern to me. Besides, the entire market has suffered so this was to be expected... imagine you sold etherium at $10, and how you would be kicking yourself for that. I would argue this is a much needed correction and is bullish for the longer term. That said, I wish my pay check would come in sooner so I could make use of these panic sellers. Hopefully the price will stay down and I'll have some time to accumulate. For now the whales are keeping it low and there's a lot of baseless fud going around, most of it started by buyers who want to get in cheaper. The fundamentals are still great, the partnerships are legit, and there are some big updates coming soon, so just keep accumulating and check back this time next year!

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>P A R T N E R S H I P:

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says the 12 year old that doesn't understand the implications of this

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I understand the implications of crying "PARTNERSHIP" in crypot.

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>still doesn't understand the implications of this -partnership-

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>THIS partnership will be SPECIAL

literally kys shitskin

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>implying being the backbone of bitcoin smart contracts isn't special

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