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Guys, give me the truth.

Is Dero a scam or not?

I can't tell because all you faggots do is FUD everything in sight.

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dont know, but it's worthless either way

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Another sumokoin

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Monero copy and paste scam, buy if you want to get dumped on by the devs.

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Pretty remarkable that it managed to lose 90% of value in 30 days.

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I really have no idea at this point.

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It's not a scam.

But that pre-op trannie Serena AKA Mojo spamming /biz/ with DERO threads fucking sucked.

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Huh? Who are those two?

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It is not a scam , just a small project that could be a pain in the ass for some big boys, private smart contracts + dag wtf are we talking about? I though it was a scam too , but after seeing they released source and seen what has been delivered in so little time looks solid, they did not ICO at all, if they were to scam was better to spam dag+private smart contracts everywhere, collect the money through ico, even only 2 mil, was better than the cap now, they did not do it, imo dero has oldschool vibes and is worth the try, its not 100% sure that is not a scam but is highly not a scam

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what about smart contracts bro

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and dag, and bulletproofs and your mom

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Scam if you need to ask

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They ran as closed source for four months, with the dev releasing only the binaries to run. There's no way to know what those binaries did for all this time. The anonyous dev also lied lots of times, like telling the premine was locked in different wallets, but now it was discovered that all the 10% premine is in just one wallet, at his disposition for anything at any time, and he don't pretend to lock it. He promised also ASIC resistance for all the months that the code was closed, but in the last week, he decided to remain in the old CN algorithm, and now, there are few CN ASIC miners controlling the network, and getting really giant bags with all the rewards until the halving of the block rewards. After that, when most of the total supply is already issued, there will be few ones with enormous quantities of this, completely defeating the propposal of decentralization.

Now, judge for yourself whether it's a scam or not. Maybe not for malicious purpposes, but for incompetence.

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It was put on #scamalert as a #shitcoinof theweek by a prominent crypto researcher

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Who knows I own like 1k for suicide insurance, if it's a scam whatever if not good. It is weird how much FUD this thing gets, guess that's what happens when people fall in love with their coin though. And don't trust anyone who is concern trolling with the idea of being "worried" about you or anyone else being scammed. The people on /biz/ are cynical and laugh when people get scammed.

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>prominent crypto researcher
this same person came into the dero discord begging to be a part of the marketing team. when dero said no, he made that tweet. you absolte tard

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I've read the source code that was released to me along with other community developers. It is laughable what he did. I feel bad for anyone that put real money into this project. This will be refuted as fud by the community bandwaggoners, but make no mistake, the code that it is running on now has several severe and critical security issues. I am still on the fence if I will report them, or exploit them for my own benefit.

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There is another small cap privacy coin on trade ogre you should buy. Coming from a whale in both coins

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fucking tell us. i have 15k dero btw so am a whale in dero as well. will buy whatever it is on there

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I have about 50k dero 30k haven and 100k masari. Which one do you think I believe in most. I’ve been selling off 1000-3000 deep a day for the last month. Haven might be good. Besides xmr and btc this is most of my portfolio. I’m going to keep selling deep until I have 1000 or less. I made a bag on this coin and don’t think it will last. No one is going to listen but if you follow you’ll be a multimillionaire almost certainly

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It's XHV, it was the reason crypto dog and all those other whales got exposed. seriously easiest moon mission in crypto

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It’s not. Haven will do ok. But if you think it thru you’ll see the idea only works on paper even if they can execute it. If no one accepts the haven coins as they are printed. It doesn’t matter how many are made. In the end it’s no better than tether. Call it fud. Idc. I’ve done really well with cryptonote coins and just looking to help some anons out

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Why are you selling off your Dero stack?

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Cause I bought a shit ton before it was on exchanges for basically nothing. It has gone up exponentially from what I paid. I also am extremely skeptical that they will follow thru. Basically There are better coins and I’ve made a butt load on this one

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Just buy xmr if you like the idea and wait for their second layer. They will do a better job anyways. Dero has a huge uphill battle that they are certainly not prepared for. I would bet they aren’t around in 18 months time

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>Dero has a huge uphill battle that they are certainly not prepared for.
I'm pretty heavily invested in Dero and this criticism is fair.
I don't think, however, XMR will be able to just rip off Dero's unique features without transforming into something entirely different. Dero is not just a copy and paste Cryptonote coin. It holds certain major advantages over Monero. As far as I know the only one feature of Dero that Monero is trying to implement is bulletproofs. What's involved in Monero's "second layer"? Are they promising fully private smart contracts?

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>Just buy xmr if you like the idea and wait for their second layer.
Replying to this, btw.

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Lots of coins have bulletproofs and dero didn’t develop them. I’m just saying I think there is a better small cap privacy coins out there. This is basically the only kind of coins I invest in. One day privacy coins that are actually private will be king. I just wouldn’t buy too much dero. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like needless gambling. Check out tari it’s gonna be the second layer on Monero. I would trust them to implement smart contracts in a more effective way because they have a brand a proven track record and an excellent team.

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>there is a better small cap privacy coins out there
Please name one besides XHV.

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Masari. If you go to the discord you’ll see it’s actually going places. I think it’s the best small coin you can buy right now. Like I said, haven is Ok. I prefer haven to dero. But neither has the actual realizeable potential masari has. Msr is actually making progress. I avoid stuff with big premines/icos/shady devs/unfair launches.

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what does masari even do...

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They are trying to fix moneros scaling issues. Right now they have out the first client side web and mobile wallet. Basically they are a non scammy experimental Monero.

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First for a privacy coin* I think ether has a client side wallet

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okay but dero has already solved the scaling issue with the blockdag structure

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Masari never gets shilled on /biz/ for a reason.
It sounds like you either got lucky and made a ton of money on the Dero pump by being able to buy it "before it was on exchanges" (?)--a lucky speculator--and don't understand the gravity of the tech (though to be fair, as a CS brainlet I don't really either) or you're here subtilely shilling Masari.
Much of Dero's fate hinges on the dev reveal. If it turns out to be some big names, all the FUD about shady devs will wash away and interest in it will spike.
Until then, I'm still accumulating.

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I understand the tech and have spent quite some time going thru the code. I got in crypto in 2012 when I was finishing my masters. I did get extremely lucky with dero. I will continue to hold some. But I just don’t think it’s the best small cap privacy coin you can buy. Call me a shill. That’s fine. I’m already profitable on all the coins I’ve bought. Just giving my opinion cause someone asked. Maybe msr is shit. It might have no reason to exist.

I wouldn’t count on some grand reveal. It seems very scammy to me how it’s been handled and the code isn’t impressive enough to justify this.

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I try and buy most my bags before they are on ezchanges if possible. It’s really a good strategy and would recommend. Highly risky. Also big rewards

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>I try and buy most my bags before they are on ezchanges if possible.
How did you find miners to buy Dero from if it wasn't on exchanges yet?

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>It seems very scammy to me how it’s been handled and the code isn’t impressive enough to justify this.
I agree that Captain is completely lacking in normal communication skills; the old community managers botched their jobs and the only explanation I can think of for their meltdown is they were paid; and I don't know about the code because nobody qualified has stepped forward to review it in detail.
Assuming you didn't find anything flawed or faked in the code, I'm surprised you find it more underwhelming than a literal who privacy coin like Masari and arguably more scammy coin like XHV.
Dero has been tainted by the spectacularly egregious behavior of its past community moderators and by extension the poor foresight of the devs in thinking it was a good decision to bring them on. The only explanation, which is self-serving to my interests in the coin, is that the devs are straight up autists coding a genius blockchain and not giving a fuck about price or "community" perceptions.

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This is exactly it. They literally do not care about community outside of keeping the mining network stable. When Dero was sitting at 20 cents, Captain didn't care, and when it was sitting at $5, Captain didn't care. It's up to the community to make anything out of this project, and considering all the community can do these days is dive into endless drama and FUD, nothing is going to happen unless the community fixes itself.

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Nobody knows, nobody care. They suck. "much idealogy". Go KYS.

Long live to DERO

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devs already dumped tho

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serena and mojo arent devs you fucking retard

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They dont have a single original thing....everything is copypasta.

The new GUI wallet is a copy of the Turtlecoin wallet. and its a poor copy.

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> They dont have a single original thing....everything is copypasta.
Resolving Bitcoin/Ethereum PoW scalability issue

> The new GUI wallet is a copy of the Turtlecoin wallet. and its a poor copy.
Using Qt Framework with GoLang a copy certainly.

> weak FUD.

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tattoo this on your mother back and read it everytime you put your dick into her hole so maybe you will finally remember it:

- dero is shilled by r*ddit here for months now
- this campaign is entirely organised by SJWs from site mentioned above just to suck off anons from their cash
- whole code is written in Golang which is in fact developed by Google. Not a single criminal will ever trust this shit as it suppose to be (((anonymous))) coin in some way. When this information went public, dero ultimately dumped and went all the way down since then
- source code was hidden from public FOR MONTHS because they were too scared that all information will be public, after recent leak whole price went down at 90% in month

Totally not a scam, just look at this logo you posted. It looks like 8 year old pajeet with one eye made it. Buy it anon. You will be rich for sure.

T. sage in all holes post, I don't even know why I still didn't filter this shit out from this board because I'm tired of writing same shit all over again.

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Are you those kind of guys who sold tons of Btc once he reach $1 ? Should we invest in crappy amateurish code : https://latesthackingnews.com/2018/08/05/monero-wallet-vulnerability-loss-of-1-8-million-to-livecoin-crypto-exchange/

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