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Gotta hold gold and silver too. Don't forget anon

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No... you dont. Unless you just want it to sit there and play with or show people, as a novelty.

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Before the inevitable hysteria, all this means is that there is a UI mockup for the end user. That's... fine, but it's nothing to go ballistic about.

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why i would buy chainlink when i just can creata one myself??

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do it if you can, but as you are a tard, i think you can't

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Gold is real savings you Jew infected brainlet

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If I can help just one stinkie who ends up putting his link profits into gold so he can protect those profits from the Jew... then I will have done my part in this world

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And kys?

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Its insurance, no reason not to have a small percentage if you are able. And if you catch the right commodity cyle you can also profit off a bull market. The game seems like its just about moving money around at the right time

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I remember, only a few months ago, when Linkies were talking about Link partnering with huge companies and changing the world. It was 75 cents and poised to moon.

It is now 20 cents and Linkies get excited about new UI pages. Wordpress tier shit.

If BTC Barts tomorrow, Link will be sub 15 cents again. Then what? Linkies will get excited that a single person posts in the Telegram?


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Its progress dude...these guys are doing stuff all the time on Pivotal. not to mention we were still on the big gay (but needed) bear slide to the bottom

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>He missed the 1849 gold rush

This faggot is in every thread trying to pump his bags of the most manipulated commodities in the history of earth. You are 150 years late to the party. We just run the world off worthless paper and ious now if you haven't noticed dumbass.

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stop derailing LINK threads you absolute faggot. fuck off. this is about LINK, not your goldbug shit

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Reeee just igonore the gold bug.

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I would get excited, this project is poised to pump at some point anyway. So 15 cents would be a nice re-accumulation zone

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