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Where can I store these bad boys??? I plan on holding for a while and think I can get about 100x on this. Where do I store?

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Where are my frens

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Enjin wallet on your phone if you dont have a hardware wallet. Its the next best thing to a hardware wallet imo. Btw I have 120m

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I'm just keeping it in MEW cause that's what I used for ICO and was too lazy to switch it to another wallet.

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fucking pajeets kys with your coordinated shill campaigns. it's so obvious by now this is a shitcoin.

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fuck you pajeet

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We are not pajeets, we are actual engineers and app developers who can see that this tech has more potential than eth. But keep squawking PAJEET PAJEET until you finally give in and buy holo.

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Just wait a little longer and you'll get zero, faggot. FUCK OFF with your scamcoin bags.

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wait for ledger support

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by then itl be worth 5 cents

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i sold this new age esoteric scam at 7x ico and never looked back, it will probably go below ico price now that all alts are bleeding to death. biz is really desperate these days

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i remember seeing precisely such remarks about iota :D

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a good wallet is an ETH ADDRESS lmao whats with all these good wallets, the only thing that matters is where u create ur wallet , the wallet is just ur private key into the ethereum blockchain u fuck all wallets are identical and can be used anywhere u connect to the fucking blockchain

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MEW tied to a ledger. Then when mainnet hits I’m sure they will have other options.

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