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Anyone here actually made it? How is it?

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how the fuck I am supposed to know, I am poor as fuck..

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Aint' got no fucking clue

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Yes sir I made it sir hehe in 4 year time sir. I buyed 0xBTC sir, very good long term return monsuier

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I made it, now I have to work and take care of that fucking money to not lose it all like a drug addicted lotto winner

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They still don't love me

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Fuck dude, this hurts me in the feels

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Cashed out a little over 600k after taxes during the massive run, now it is returning me about 2-3k a month in dividends in the normie market.

It ain't gonna make me super rich, but it brings me to a level of comfort that I feel like I've made it and has allowed me a greater degree of freedom in what I can do.

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