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Your meme is bad and you should feel bad

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1 0xbtc = 1 btc by definition

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T. Pajeet

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>literally normie shit meme
And you people doubt these are pajeets

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>he still hasn’t figured out that we larp as pajeets to keep you poor due to your irrational fear of poos

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Last chance to get it at $1

After it's gonna go for $0.50

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Fuck off pajeet. Everyone knows this is a useless ponzi shitcoin. Sage.

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There is however also another dimension to it. Memes are messages in image form and communicate to the viewer. Real memes show the observer something important or at least something funny, interesting or original. The creator of a real meme thought that a meme was meaningful enough to be made for its own sake and wanted to share it with the rest of the world. The Pajeet however makes his “memes” only to satisfy his own greet for material wealth and to express his hate against the white man and his civilization that he envies so very much. Moreover he seems to be completely oblivious toward the concept of meaningful communication in general. Memes to him are nothing more than decorations for his thread. He will thus never see any problem in ripping an image out of its original context and pasting another logo on it. He lacks the intelligence to recognize the original message in a meme and when he sees his new but hollow and empty meme he will never notice that there is anything missing in it or wrong with it.

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