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Portfolio thread: will I make it edition

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Was it like 500k before ?

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Needs more NEO

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ATH was 180k anon

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shill me on ocn

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Dump it all on Btc, you could have like 5 right now.

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But anon I thought BTC was a boomer coin

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imma make it.

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It has an airdrop coming up end of August. It was like 3-4x the current price in sats a few months ago. I’m just looking for a quick 2x

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This was ~$110k ATH but I've spent/bled away more than half since January. Not worried in the slightest that it'll more than surpass the old highs. Also have an army of shitcoins/suicide insurance so that if any single one 100x's I'll be golden.

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Nice portfolio anon. Mind if I save it?

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1.70 Monero
1.96 Dash

why the fuck, why??????????????/

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u wont make it, one of the worst portfolios i have seen in my life

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much better than op, decent gambles, good job rooting for you

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Nkn... fucking idiot this has to be a larp

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no risk taking at all with this one, safe stable small wins guy.

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Thanks buddy, I worked really hard on it.

$adb has seemed more and more cucked lately, and I'm considering moving that stack into $ela

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