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feeling it now. sold at a major loss biz. you got to me with your nigger shorting crap. not buying back in. i am out for good. going to go kms if this shit moons.

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i capitulated today. not seeing a bounce on way down to 1000. gonna have to short with leverage on mex to make money now.

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>selling at the bottom
>shorting at the bottom

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It’s gonna moon.

>thanks for your sacrifice

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>This is the bottom

See you at $2k

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There is literally no reason for it to go up. No adoption, no speculation.

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There's no reason for it to go down either. There's no reason for any of this shit.

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Protip: You will buy back @8500 by end of next week.

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There are reasons for it to go down. No one buying means lower prices over time. People want to sell.

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Aka margin trading money you don’t own on interest in a highly beta and manipulated asset - and doing it on max so that you actually make money.

It’s a dangerous game anon please be careful.

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