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Recycled the blockstream chink retort word fror word:


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>recycled paid actor talking points

meanwhile csw can't sign using the satoshi key while core devs can

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Another asian guy roger is shorter than.

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>just Roger Ver spewing his shit and eating it too things

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>Bitcoin is an open-source software
>wears Blockstream Corp. t-shirt

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Corejeet shills swarming the thread 5 minutes after the OP post. So organic.

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Magical cripto pedophiles

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He is so handsome, too bad he is autistic.

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how will corecucks ever recover?

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most btc guys are super sjw, while the bch guys i've met are basically fashy

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He's a fucking nugget oh my god.
Short man syndrome hard Fucking core.

Regardless of height, if anyone wants to help fund- I will personally fly to wherever he is, get Btc logos temp tattoos on my knuckles and record while I beat him up.
I'll even sell the rights to the video to the biggest donator.

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hang em

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ver would destroy you

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nah, everybody in crypto is sick and tired of you cashie cultist dumb fucks

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im a bitcoin cash believer because i fcking hate blockstream and that lightning bullshit. also i hate all these public figures who are supporting bcore and always hating on bcash without even knowing what they are talking about.

but still.. holding equal amount of bcore and bcash u never know

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from everything I've ever seen from this guy, if you strip away his smug autism he has really reasonable points. but he's just such a little prick that it makes me want to see bcash completely fail.

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if you don't keep repeating the same thing over and over again blockstream will win because there are constantly new people coming into contact with these videos that have never heard all these good points on why BCH is bitcoin

it bears repeating.

the private key previously used for alerts has nothing to do with satoshi

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>2 bitcoins arguing with each other who is more relevant when neither one is
bitcoon needs to die already. its just the same shit forever

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>has nothing to do with satoshi
*with proving that you are satoshi, i should have said
a lot of people have that alert key and the only thing we know is that craig wright haven't proved that he has that key, stating that he can't sign with it is a false statement because nobody knows that

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>Crypto mandrama

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>Actually posting Roger as a viable person to defend BCH and the technicals behind it

Roger's a fucking retard who barely understands the technology behind anything crypto OP

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whether or not he gets the technology behind bitcoin is irrelevant, he's just promoting the same thing as he's always done.

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Then fucking do it, you pussy.
Stop acting tough on the internet.

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