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Hey /biz/ is Dan Lok really woke on the Jews and they ways they try to prevent us from making money?

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kek good idea, lets sully his name by making him anti semitic.

faggot tiny dicked chinko

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can we stop talking about this faggot. sage reported.

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You are product of The Jewish Media.

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Links to his videos etc or is this just a thread to try and discredit him?

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I sent him the image on Instagram and he blocked me.

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So he has cheesy advice under pictures of him desperately trying to look important in order to sell get rich books? Neato...

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The fat chink has been shilling his shit all over this board for a while.

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>discredit him?

Why would talking about Jews discredit him? Are you a brainlet?

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Never seen this slant but first impression is terrible. Look at his suit choice, c'mon. I know that Tai lopez faggots entire business model is to ironically memeing himself, but this takes it to a new low this chink.

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his suit does look crap but you sound like one of thpse faggots with no sense of aesthetics who cling to clothing rules others taught them and derive an undeserved sense of superiority from lording this useless piece of pseudo-knowledge over the heads of people you think as plebs
protip: most self-made millionaires wear clothes less fancy than average middle to upper middle class people living paycheck to paycheck

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youre just mad you lost the game

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NEVER buy products and services on how to be rich

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It seems Dan Lok fears being made out to look like an Antisemit.

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You rike a biga jewisha dick in you, senpray? Dis a why i make a more money dan you and sreep with yo wife when you at a work. Den, i pee in uppa paht of yo toilet so when you a come home and frush pee pee come out instead a nice crean wata. Haw!

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Consider yourself Loked.

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elise? fuck you

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You should of added the PNG of his signature.

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Hey Pretty good lad. Make some anti-Semitic stuff too.

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4chan turns boys into men

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Nice keep them coming.

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too obvious, you need it to be less blatant and more dogwhistles

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You guys are a pathetic bunch of virgin losers for trying to ruin someones reputation.

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Hi Mr. Lok!

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he shitposts on here and deserves the scorn. how do you think we found about him?

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this thread lmao

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Good good

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make this one -

The Jews are by nature “sharp dealers” who are “bound together by superstition.” Their “immoral and vile” behavior in commerce shows that they “do not aspire to civic virtue,” for “the spirit of usury holds sway amongst them.” They are “a nation of swindlers” who benefit only “from deceiving their host’s culture

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Fuckin kek

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top lel mate, cheers

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Hahaha please continue.

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Every road leads to Rome is a very true statement fellow anons

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This thread is a 10/10

Fuck this chink spammer

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Just save some of these images and post them whenever he makes a new thread. I'll make more if he doesn't stop

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People with Instagrams send him these pictures and tell him you're disgusted with his antisemitism.

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So why is the fat chink spamming our board?

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Because dan lok us absolutely based and will red pill millions of businessmen on the Jewish question

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does this fucking chink really post here? he has a very punchable face

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Spamming this place is part of his shit marketing.

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>tacky suits
never trust anyone in a tacky suit

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Do you really think a millionaire consultant and author ,with an already popular youtube channel, would come to 4chins to shill to a bunch of neckbeards?

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yeah why not? he thought he could come here to fuck with us.
either way who cares, he's a scammer chink. i listened to his consulting call and it's just basic knowledge given to betas.

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He knows he can get away with it.

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He's real fucking cheesy. Anyone who says you're part of the (company name) family is trying to milk you.

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you paid 7k for a one week course from this seedy looking guy?

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Well what the fuck did you expect? With an instagram like that you thought he'd have actual advice?

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