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Quiet reminder that the graviex exchange now has trading pairs for the usd, euro and ruble against eth,btc ltc etc and of course gravio coin gio (which pays a dividend every 24 hours).

Best consistently delivering dev team in crypto

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Calculation of dividends is: ((Trading volume within BTC market * percentage rate of dividends) / total value of gained coins) * quantity of available coins at your GIO account. Calculation of dividends depending upon a user’s GIO balance is processed every hour during the first 5 minutes of an hour. Thus, if GIO is available at a user’s account during the first 5 minutes of an hour and the option of dividend receipt is enabled, the dividends will be calculated for your profit. If you have sold out or withdrawn some GIO during the first 5 minutes of an hour, the dividends will be calculated only for the rest of your balance. BTC acquired as calculated dividends is deposited at a trade account once a day (the amount to be deposited is not less than 0,1 satoshi). Instead of dividends receipt, an option of 50% trade fee discount is also available. Switching between dividend receipt and the discount can be put into effect not more often than once per 72 hours.

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Andrew Demuskov
Information technology experience of more than 18 years.

Systems architect.
General technological and organizational leadership.

Crypto-algs, network protos, AI.
2003—2005, Senior Developer/Team Leader at EGAR Technology inc (USA).

2008—2017, Systems Architect, CTO at Jet.Technologies.
Area of activity:

Development of process-oriented systems operating in near-real-time modes,

Network exchange protocols,


Natural language processing,

Neural networks.
Major achievements:

The architect and one of the key developers of Jet. Framework,

The architect and technology leader in Jet. Geoservices, Jet.Monitoring and Jet.Telemedicine products.
Work experience:

Extensive experience in building complex distributed information systems, including those operation in real time.

As the leader of the server applications development team with EGAR Technology, he designed, developed and implemented a risk control system (open position limits) in several large Russian banks with integration with bank information systems OPICS and EQUATION, as well as with MICEX and SpCEX trading platforms.
Along with Wladzislaw Pewzner and Sergey Zhelonkin, he is a co-author of Jet.Framework, Jet.Geoservices, Jet.Monitoring, Jet.ESB, Jet.Telemedicine, Jet.Trading and Jet.BackOffice products.

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Sergey Zhelonkin
Chief developer.

Coordination of technical expertise, development of server-side solutions.

Unstructured distributed storages, cloud/fog computing
Information technology experience of more than 15 years.
2002—2005, Senior Developer at EGAR Technology inc (USA).

2005—2011, Head of the CIB (corporate information security) at Informzaschita.

2011—2017, Senior developer/Team Leader at Jet.Technologies.
Server solutions for Jet.Geoservices, Jet.Monitoring (cloud/fog based) and Jet.Telemedicine have been developed under his guidance.
Chief Technology Officer of the intelligent integration bus Jet.ESB project.
The company's senior expert in information security.
Used to be the architect of interfaces for 1C and MSDynamics systems, for various stock exchange terminals.
Along with Wladzislaw Pewzner and Andrew Demuskov, he is a co-author of Jet.Framework, Jet.Geoservices, Jet.Monitoring, Jet.ESB, Jet.Telemedicine, Jet.Trading and Jet.BackOffice products.

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Alexander Eltsov

Information technology experience of more than 10 years.
2004 - 2012, Senior Developer/TL at Scientific Research Institute
2012—2017, Senior Developer/TL at Jet.Technologies
Played a major part in developing client and server solutions for Jet.Geoservices, Jet.Monitoring and Jet.Gateway that allowed to fuel Jet software with rich and responsive UI.
Working at Research Institute designed and developed Automated Metrology Control System and a bunch of integration components for PDM / PLM / ERP software.
Have substantial experience in relational database design and modelling and in developing code generation tools for database creation and data manipulation.
Senior developer.

UI desktop and mobile expert.

Rich and responsive UI development, MVVM, MVP, MVC, hybrid UI apps.

Major skills:

Great experience in building rich and responsive UI at desktop, web and mobile environments

Strong proficiency in Design Patterns, SOLID principles and Refactoring techniques

Agile, Test Driven Development

Certified RDBMS spectialist

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Dmitry Denisov

More than 10 years experience in 2D/3D design and modeling.
2013—2015, UI 2D/3D desigher, SD at Jet.Technologies.
Ideologist and head of the development of the module for 3D real-time visualization, used in the products of Jet.Monitoring and Jet.Telemedicine. The success of the development is primarily connected with the combination of technical and artistic competences:


3D modeling,


project team management.

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Elena Shadrina

Information technology experience of more than 9 years.
2008—2010, Analyst at DIRECTUM (SAP).

2010—2013, Business-analyst at Internet solutions.

2013—2017, Senior business-analyst at Jet.Technologies.
Area of activity:

Business-analysis of complex enterprises,

Developing functional & technical specifications,

Test-plans developing,

Products and solutions presentations.
Major achievements:

Senior business-analyst and one of the key person of Jet.Geoservices product,

Senior business-analyst and product manager of Jet.Gateway.SAP project.

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Wladzislaw Pewzner

Information technology experience of more than 25 years, Microsoft Certified Professional from 1998 (MCSE, MCDBA).
Member of the Project Management Institute PMI (USA) since 2003.

2002—2004, Project manager at EGAR Technology inc (USA).

2004—2005, Head of the IT Department at BKT Holding.

2008—2017, General Director of Jet.Technologies.
Project Manager. General Director.

General project management. Business analytics.

PMI member.

The following software products have been successfully developed and introduced under his leadership:
Jet. Geoservices, a system to manage processes in service companies in the oil and gas sector;

Jet.Monitoring, a system for the collection, publication and analysis of telemetry data;

Jet.Telemedicine, a distributed network for remote telemedical consultations;

Jet.ESB, an intelligent integration bus;

Jet.Trading, a business process automation system for trade and production companies;

Jet.BackOffice, an analytical server;

Margin trading system in derivative financial instruments (real-time reporting);

Banking CRM system with possible integration with FOCUS;

Risk management system;

OPICS and EQUATION bank information systems;

CMK 2000, a system to manage quality control documents.
Several SAP CIS audits have been made in the business units of the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation with a view to have the units transferred to IFRS.
A few infrastructural engineering projects have been completed.

Along with Andrew Demuskov and Sergey Zhelonkin, he is a co-author of Jet.Framework, Jet.Geoservices, Jet.Monitoring, Jet.ESB, Jet.Telemedicine, Jet.Trading and Jet.BackOffice products.

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Team background

Over the past 7 years, we have developed a number of commercial software products, based on Jet.Framework, for:

automation of the production processes of oil and gas service companies and subsoil users,

automation of telemedicine services.
We have released a number of integration projects, based on the Jet.Framework platform also.
In 2017 we have opened two R&D depts in Skolkovo Innovation Center:

iField Technologies - Energy Cluster

RetWAVE Lab - Biomed Cluster

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Software product, that automates production processes in oilfield service companies in real time. The product is primarily focused on geophysical companies and companies providing high-tech oil services (well drilling, well overhaul, nitric treatment and acidization, hydrofracturing operations, etc.)

The product is intended for the automation of medium and large enterprises, including those distributed geographically. The solution makes it possible to provide integrated automation of order processing - from accepting applications to work completion and financial settlement with the customer.
The following processes are completely automated:

Production logistics, including control over the flow of orders, batches/brigades, transport, special equipment and machinery (well equipment, perforation systems, etc.) including the repair cycle.

Prompt personnel management, including control of competences, special permits, industrial safety checks and other periodic monitoring activities, as well as work time accounting. Peculiarities of the Russian law are taken into account with regard to providing access to the personal data of employees.

Service contract management work, including financial conditions (including algorithms for calculating the price of services), as well as the conditions that define the order execution procedure (in connection with the production logistics unit), as well as the entire flow of customer settlement documents, including the calculation of work service orders (including counter penalties and fines), making WSO registers.
The modular structure of the solution allows customizing components for a particular customer to cover all the needs without having to install useless/unused components.

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Multidimensional Analysis Unit helps organize both static reporting (historical data) and the reporting changing in real time (current data) of any kind, including with the use of business graphics and other data visualization methods.
Events Management Service allows tracking events that occur in the process and notifying relevant experts of what has happened, including via e-mail and SMS messages. Details of past events are stored in the system for further analysis. Occurrence of an event, if it is stipulated by the contracts signed with the customer and reflected in the system, may entail either a change in the order processing procedure, or financial implications (charging penalties, revision of the amounts charged, etc.)

The system make control (in real-time mode) of all periodic checks that influence the production cycle, in particular checks of occupational safety knowledge, special skills, terms of permits and certificates, measuring instruments timing calibration, periodic maintenance, and inspections of special machinery by state authorities, and many others. Depending on the corporate policy, a procedure of reacting to such events (early maturity warning, blocking specific events, such as release of vehicles, assignment of an expert, etc.)
External Interfaces Service allows organizing interaction of the proposed solution with other software products and data bases that are used by the company, such as 1C, MS Dynamics, SAP and others. It is possible to organize the interaction with any external information system that has a documented interface.
In case of a geographically distributed company, the product allows personalizing processes for each of the branches, given their specificities, or, on the contrary, organizing standardized processes across the enterprise.

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If necessary, it is possible to arrange for a B2B interface to simplify customer relations (giving the customer ordering operations an opportunity to file an order and to monitor performance, including monitoring of technological indicators as well as a video stream from the site provided that communication channels have sufficient throughput capacity), exchange of materials and documents, harmonization of financial documents, provision of consolidated reporting, etc. The company defines the scope of rights to be provided to the customers of operations through the embed access rights regulation procedure.

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Another product

he following node roles a valid in the system:

Expert Center — a clinic giving advice on one or more specialization or nosology. There must be at least one expert center in the telemedical consultations network.

A clinic is a medical preventive institution that is a consumer of the expertise center’s services. There must be at least one clinic in the telemedical consultations network.

A Control Center means an organization (a leading clinic, the regional Medical Center for Information and Analysis, a third-party organization) acting as the regulator of the consultation process.
One and the same node can combine several different roles. So, a clinic can be a consumer of one kind of services and a competence center for another type of services, or, if needed, combine the functions with those of a control center.
A description of the consulting processes, including configuration of how the nodes interact with each other is done in a built-in editor of processes, thanks to which one can organize networks of any topology:

One expert center, one control center, many clinics — to build local telemedicine consulting networks for a specific nosology (cardio, neural pathologies, oncology, etc.)

Several expert centers, one control center, multiple clinics — to build telemedicine networks of regional scale

Many expert centers in the hierarchy, multiple control centers, multiple clinics — to build inter-regional telemedicine networks or multilevel telemedicine networks of federal scale.

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another product
ifield oil/gas field management


Key features
(1) Online collection of telemetry information from the full range of technological equipment that is the provider of telemetry data, including:

Pressure and mining equipment

Permanent telemetric systems of the existing borehole fund

Production and transportation equipment

Hydraulic fracturing/acid fracturing and coil fleets

Pump-preparing units for chemical processing of wells

GWT stations

Monitoring systems for drilling, provided as part of drilling rigs or independently installed

Cementing Control Stations

Geophysical recorders (GIS/GDIS)

LWD drilling telesystems
The solution provides interaction with almost any data source, regardless of support for the Energistics protocol family (www.energistics.org).
For now, complete coverage of data sources in the field/wellsite segment is not provided by any company, including market leaders.

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Gravio/Graviex will be the first platform to support crypto oil/gas trading pairs based on realtime production statistics.

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How do I buy your bags

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>Gravio/Graviex will be the first platform to support crypto oil/gas trading pairs based on realtime production statistics.

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>EGAR Technology inc
>automation of the production processes of oil and gas service
>Software product, that automates production processes in oilfield service companies in real time
>ifield oil/gas field management
>trading pairs for the usd, euro and ruble against eth,btc ltc etc and of course gravio coin gio

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EGAR Technology is an international company specializing in the automation of financial institutions

>Andrew Demuskov
>EGAR Technology inc
>Sergey Zhelonkin
>Senior Developer at EGAR Technology inc
>Wladzislaw Pewzner
>, Project manager at EGAR Technology

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Unironically this

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fud so weak, so incredibly weak

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It sounded so nice but
>Literally 0 Volume

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if you can't be bothered to read before you decide to throw at an investment then please stick to the latest prajeet scam or vaporware instead

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has release wallets for all platforms
has delivered oil gas field control software
has delivered exchange with currency pairs
has delivered messaging system
has delivered mining pools

working on oil/gas trading pairs
blockchain compression technology
AI monitoring assistant

And you are what, more enthusiastic about crap that has released NOTHING because its wash traded by bots?

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My Dude this thing is like investing into a pennystock that has no important product (evidently). You need to mass shill this on russian forums to see any effect, you need ppl to turn to this exchange for some reason before it goes anywhere.

So far it has literally 0.5 BTC trading volume on important pairs IF theres any trading volume, its just realistically delivering actually nothing for the investor so far.

The numbers are ridicioulus, I might aswell consider it a donation

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>need ppl to turn to this exchange for some reason

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Oh look another ponzi exchange

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>literally confirming my FUD

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ahem that's the feature release shot from bitcoin talk. It realised on the 25th June


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Yeah action looking real good so far

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