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I've been laughing at you fags this week, and on and off over the past year during crashes, but I'm starting to feel bad. I want you to suffer to the breaking point, but not actually break.

I'm down around 700k, but over the past 15 months I've periodically cashed out over 35x my investment, so while I'm "hurting" too, I'm not hurting nearly as bad as some of you autismos are.

This is a warning. If you sell now, then you will miss your only chance at financial freedom in your lifetime.

The infrastructure for blockchain is just starting to take foot. The tech has been around for years, but now the business platform is moving from development to stability, and it marks the beginning of crypto's ACTUAL moon phase. What you saw in January was pure hype, FOMO, and stupidity driven insane greed.

You want platform coins that also serve as currency. Something like Tron actually isn't a bad investment at all. I bought 2MM when it was 1 cent, literally as a joke (I did zero research), but now its the one coin I probably won't sell for years. I'm not shilling Tron, there are plenty of other coins you can argue for, but I'm just giving an example of things that will survive.

Conversely, a coin like "funfair" will go to zero. It's useless and a cash grab. Please think about it and try to understand why. I will answer questions if you need further clarification.

If you've actually done your homework, and maybe even travelled to some block chain events, you see that it's only beginning. Huge institutional investments have already been made. If you sell, you're actually betting against wallstreet, ironically. Decentralized currency will never overtake centralized nation backed currencies, but they will exist alongside with them and the crypto market cap will grow a thousand fold in the years to come. Both decentralized crypto currencies and centralized nation back currencies have their advantages and disadvantages, one is NOT better than the other.


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Pick a few good coins and HODL

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Are BTC, ETH, BCH safe to buy and hold? Where do you see their prices going, and when will the bull market finally start again?

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Buy and hold NANO and RIPPLE?
Yes or no?

I think yes.

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Exactly. The pink wojacks are hilarious, but more importantly they are a way to release pressure from this rollercoaster ride. People need to remember that it's times like this that investors actually "earn" their money. Besides picking what to invest in, the actual effort an investor makes in earning is being able to think clearly in times of stress and proceed with logic and proper analysis. I want to reiterate again, if you sell now or lower, you're actually betting against wall st investment.

BTC will be a safe hold for the foreseeable future. Not sure about ETH, it could see an EOS level disaster. BCH only weakens bitcoin, it will never overtake it and has done nothing but splinter crypto in a bad way. I do not own any ETH, EOS, or BCH.

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I sold all my ripple at $1 and never looked back. I don't agree with it, but it'll be one of the coins that stays strong.

Nano will go to zero. No one wants it, the name is stupid and generic (raiblocks was MUCH better), and it literally has no value since Venmo exists.

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This anon is just trying to reassure the hodlers here so they don't sell,

but listen to me. bitcoin is testing it's resistance limit right now, and the safest thing you can do is sell because bitcoin is absolutely going to drop. Sellers are panicking right now, and buyers are looking for the bottom to get back in. The smart move here is to sell right now and wait til it bottoms out to get back in.

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Thanks, when do you think the next bull run will happen and how high will BTC go?

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I'm way deep in KMD anon, is it worth holding, or am I better off cutting my losses?

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This is a hardcore LARP and OP is a faggot as usual

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This. But you'd have to be pretty stupid to not see this coming, I've been tethered since 10k.

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XLM to the moon boys

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Venmo uses USD and is inflationary. Nano is not.

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You've been duped.

There is no such thing as "resistance limits". There is only intrinsic value and demand.

The intrinsic value of crypto is that it is an entirely new asset class, the first the world has seen since intellectual properties became protected by governments hundreds of years ago.

Everyone laughs at chinese Justin Timberlake when he calls Tron web 4.0, but he actually is on to something.

Crypto marks the formation of an entirely digital world, which is something we're definitely heading towards as a society. The concept has been popularized to death in science fiction entertainment, but most of the predictions are true. Not saying we're going to become strapped to VR machines most of or waking lives, but it'll likely be a hybrid between that and something we haven't discovered yet. Regardless, crypto lays the foundation for this world.

Not saying Tron or DGB will be the currencies of the year 3000, but there is an insane amount of room to grow when you put it into perspective. Like I said, 1000x increase within the next few years is not unlikely at all. Wall St. and VC firms are pouring billions into crypto. No, not the coins themselves, but the companies that support this system. That is where the money really sits, but since we, the average investor, don't have access to those types of investments, we need to pick the coins that will go up when the infrastructure and business goes mainstream.

So sure, sell now, buy back in at 5,500 or whatever. Cool, you've saved 500 bucks. But if it moons to 8k with some major announcement you've lost a lot of money as well.

When you balance potential loss of future earnings with real loss of earnings, this dip is literally meaningless.

However, don't gamble with your life savings, that's just dumb. But sometimes dumb people are the ones bold enough to become millionaires within a couple of years.

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The next bullrun won't be because of BTC, it'll be because of new generation cryptos. Again, I'm not trying to shill Tron, but it's a coins like trx that will launch the next bullrun. Tron is a step towards building a digital world, and China, despite being communist, is actually extremely progressive when it comes to emerging technologies (in medicine as well, they're leading the world in regenerative stem cell research). I'm predicting Tron will actually be integrated into Chinese internet, ADA may be used in the US/EU in a legitimate manner, etc and that's when we see the next run. It's closer than you think, and an announcement could be made any day now, which is why I keep saying that trying to tether and sell or whatever during these small dips and rises is a waste of time. At worst it could mean that you miss a huge jump that will never come down again.

no idea what KMD is

hindsight is 20/20, doesn't make you smart. It just means trends followed the past, but that isn't always the case and when it isn't is when people become millionaires from scratch, so you can't blame people for being courageous with their investing if they can handle the risk.

Venmo is better than nano.

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It doesnt matter. As your dollar slowly inflates to nothing more and more people will realize that there are better options. Sooner or later no one will even want cash any more. This is already starting to happen; loads of people are putting their entire life savings into crypto because they have seen it increases in value over time instead of the exact opposite. Its what any sane person would want in a currency. Not to mention it can go across boarders, you dont have to pay tax on it if you arent a total brainlet, it cant be seized by the feds or your ex wife, you dont have to deal with banks, etc.

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Is it a scam?

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I've made a lot only betting on technicals m8. The last time bitcoin was this low was literally months ago.

When bitcoin was punching its highs, I was there saying BUY. Now it's downtrending hard and punching straight through its lows. It's a technical sell m8.

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obviously yes. The lack of source code and anonymous devs didnt clue you in?

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so you bought high and sold low? what?

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The U.S. petrodollar is the world currency. If you want to buy oil, you need U.S. dollars to buy it. China is challenging this with the petro yuan, and they won't be taken out as easily as Gadafi with the Dinar (this is why Libya, which was one of the most cultured and sophisticated nations in the middle east, is not a giant smoldering crater with slave markets). The US dollar isn't just backed by petroleum, it's also backed by the most powerful military in the world by exponential margins.

So yes, the US dollar is inflating due to currency printing, but it's going to be around for a very, very long time. If you think the US dollar will collapse without the entire world seeing a depression of which the likes have never before been felt, then you need to understand how all currency is actually tied to the US dollar better. Nano is just a currency, it's not good enough now. You need to be a platform AND a currency.

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It wont collapse, it will just keep on inflating away slowly. Before you had to live with it. Now people have other options. Nano is such an option.

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I don't think you understand how inflation works. Global inflation will cause nano to deflate along with every other currency, crypto or fiat.

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what do you think of asset-tokenization, coins like Jibrel Network Token that aim to give traditional assets the "transactional properties" of cryptocurrency? essentially these serve as a bridge between the "old way" and the "new way."

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months ago before the runup, bitcoin was pushing past it's previous highs. That's when you buy, because it's breaking through it's resistance and there are strong odds it will continue to rise.

Exact opposite is happening now.

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>fixed supply
>will deflate due to inflation

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What about chainlink?

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Opinion on RLC, LINK, ENG?

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I don't think it will work. Institutional systems support traditional assets too well, there is no need to give them the transactional properties of crypto, and nor would people actually want that.

For example, you don't want your house to have transaction properties of cryptocurrency. You want to go through escrow, banks, etc because all these steps, while they cost money, are protections for your assets and they provide insurance incase things go wrong.

I know someone who bought $110k worth of BTC at 18k. He got fucked

Well, if a pizza cost $1 dollar which is .5 nanos, and then the pizza costs $10 due to inflation, that same slice of pizza that cost you .5 nanos will now cost your 5 nanos.

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Sorry, Pajeet, we are not buying your coins.
Stay fucked, everyone is already buying farms and New Zealand stocks now.

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I don't own any of those.

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Research JNT. I think you'll learn some stuff. I like your overall message in this thread though. Godspeed anon

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>I know someone who bought $110k worth of BTC at 18k. He got fucked

You obviously don't want to buy when it gets to be that ridiculous. When it runs up that high, it gets to be overpriced and you need to sell. 18k for one coin was insanity. I'm not a hodl fag. I get in and out in a few days tops.

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>1 dollar is .5 nanos
>1 nano is 2 dollars


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Yes, we haven't seen anything yet.

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im fucking all in iotex im getting JUSTED to the extreme. Should i sell for btc?

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I think you want to enter coins in the top 30 right now.

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I actually kind of agree on Tron. That shit has roadmap to like 2027, but that's not why people wanted it.

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quoted wrong post I suck cocks.

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It's funny because the reason I bought Tron was because a friend of mine did. He bought like 50,000, and in the back of my asshole-ish mind I thought "fuck him, if he's going to make money on that coin, I'm going 40x as much as him" and bought 2MM. Turns out he may have made me the most money I'll ever make from a single investment in my life lol.

It's a platform, it's a currency, it has real partnerships in China, mobile gaming and social media use, etc. Pretty excited about it. Of course biz hates it because some black people talk about it.

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is REQ gonna make it?

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i knew this was a tron shill thread, you fucking nigger loving spider. ohhh look at me i'm so smart and want to help you all succeed, BUY TRON GOYS.

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>The infrastructure for blockchain is just starting to take foot.

Yeah, in the form of dapps. Cryptocurrency that cant run dapps is going to bleed out until its basically zero. And when I say run dapps I am talking about good dapps. If your choice shitcoin is rocking 15 transactions per second you will feel the pain as well. OP mentions TRX and he is right. He is also right in saying that there are many good dapps coins to pick from. But you need a coin that has good dapps. So even with the best platform out right now you wont see results until some dapp goes virile.

Dapps are the evolution of cryptocurrency.

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No, another useless coin.

What you buy is up to you. I said there were plenty of other good buys than Tron, I justed used it as an example. Relax.

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you're just here to shill tron. we all see it.

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you're just oversensitive to shilling because you can't think critically. Don't buy tron, happy?

>> No.10010672

So question, can any of you guys shill me on any good dapps Tron might get? Will there be anything like steemit / Dlive soon?

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chink tron shills have taken some english lessons... interesting

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you're out of your depth.

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no, they're right. You're just shilling tron, bought at 8 cent eh?

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couldn't find this AMA coin you are shilling here

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this, no one will be buying your bags, fucking scammer

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>literally releasing source code in a few days

All credibility lost.

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same fagging. nice. Either that or you're all equally gay and retarded.

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>board with IDs
>>same fagging
>calls other people "gay and retarded"

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So you think tokens with a use case are worthless? Things like FUN and BAT seem like a good deal to me

>> No.10011675

Would you care to elaborate why you think they are not a good investment? Favoring platform coins to utility tokens asyou said

>> No.10011792

what is the use case of fun or bat that bitcoin cannot fulfill?

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Honestly anon, if you aren't aware of what Kommodo is, I just, I mean, I don't know what to say......

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unironically this

if you kids have been sleeping on xlm i dont know what to say and its at incredible prices right now

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Hello coconutwater, do you have 5 minutes ?

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Cant take you seriously after this. I dont like nano but ur retarded and don’t understand adoption if you think raiblocks was better.

>do you accept raiblocks?
How awkward does that sound. Nano is much more natural

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>how many nanos is that?
>nanos, how many nanos is that?
>like... how many nano meters is that?
>No! Nanos! How many nanos is that! Do you accept nanos here??
>Get out of my store before I call the cops

good luck with your nanners.

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>good deal

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why would anyone accept BAT when they can take BTC?

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