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>> No.11411934

we havent reached the bounce point laddos, buckle up for a rough week.

>> No.11411941

That sounds paranoid.
You're delusional if you honestly think a small spec like you has any effect on the market

>> No.11411962

you want to "open a long position" to buy samsung.

>> No.11411964

In really loving this OGEN meme, it's like a magical machine that shaves a cool 15% off my initial investment every day

>> No.11411965

>You're delusional if you honestly think a small spec like you has any effect on the market
i didn't say i'm moving it you retarded faggot. i said there are people fucking with peoples trades in here.. it doesn't take much to move some stocks.. you wouldn't understand this because you barely have any money and barely any experience

the way i noticed is when i started mentioning OTC stocks in here and they started going haywire.. even though i've been trading them for years.

I stopped mentioning my OTC trades in here and guess what?? they don't go haywire anymore.

If you don't think there are lurkers in here that are either trading with or against you.. you are retarded.

>> No.11411981

Soros actively moniters these threads to fuck with everything i touch,

>> No.11411986

soros is out of touch he tried shorting the whole market a couple years ago.. wonder how that turned out

>> No.11411993

Are there good stocks for income that beats 4.5%? I feel like ~2% dividends is crap and I'll never know when to buy and sell shares anyway.

>> No.11411994

I never said you were moving, I claimed the opposite. But blaming unknown, evil whales for conspiring against you is foolish

>> No.11412010

I hope some big money player is fucking with you

>> No.11412013

>I never said you were moving, I claimed the opposite. But blaming unknown, evil whales for conspiring against you is foolish
it doesn't take a fucking whale to move a 500k market cap penny stock with less than $5,000 avg volume you fucking newb

>> No.11412030

I mean we all need a cope for our failures, so I won't begrudge you that

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Who here


JUSTed right now?

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>> No.11412044

I was getting justed all day on TVIX... still holding it... hoping for a big down day tomorrow...

>> No.11412046

Me and Baggy taking a vacation to the moon next week.

>> No.11412054

yeah I know the next paragraph says every retail broker does this

>> No.11412060

these people are rich now
should have done that a while ago desu

>> No.11412062

i understand.. you are too wet behind the ears to understand anything about OTC trading

>> No.11412080

Yield isn't everything, otherwise every income investor would buy shit like F instead of IBM or JNJ. You want to consider if the company can pay its dividend in the future and more importantly grow it.

If you're 73 years old ignore this and buy IRM.

>> No.11412087

I'm not quiet sure what you mean by this.
Didn't you say you're worth like a million dollars? Why not move it yourself?

>> No.11412099

>I'm not quiet sure what you mean by this.
yeah.. i know you dont.

>Why not move it yourself?
i think you are missing the point you fucking doofus

>> No.11412110

I just have doubt people ITT are actively conspiring against you

>> No.11412117

Baking !

>> No.11412124

i don't care what you think you mong. I stopped mentioning certain trades itt and guess what.. they don't go all crazy anymore.. so believe what you want. Not like your $500 does anything worth while anyway

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Got JUST'd up the ass last week. Tell me this is the bottom.

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NQ zigzagging like a fucking polygraph the last week and today.

I already lost like 30% of my savings. I can't take this.

>> No.11412190

Okay, good talk!

>> No.11412215

the problem with trying to talk with you is that you are to fucking stupid to understand anything and then when anyone trys to conversate with you its all just a big joke.. you act like a fucking kid still.

>> No.11412218

What your guys opinion on IB's stock yield enhancement program?
>Earn extra income on the fully-paid shares of stock held in your account by joining IB'sStock Yield Enhancement Program. This plan allows IB to borrow shares from you in exchange for cash collateral, and then lend the shares to traders who want to sell them short and are willing to pay interest to borrow them. Each day that your stock is on loan, you will be paid interest on the cash collateral posted to your account for the loan based on market rates.
>IB pays you 50% of the income it earns from lending the shares.
I'm too poor to participate but it sounds interesting

>> No.11412220

Well because of all the increased volatility we have a situation where the put options are relatively more expensive than the call options, so I'm getting me some of them calls to cash in later this week. Cha-ching!

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>> No.11412230

I used to do something similar with my crypto, it's like free money, and shouldn't be left on the table.

>> No.11412243

kek and you wonder why we fuck with your trades
by the way... your broker sells your trading data too :)

>> No.11412247

>I used to do something similar with my crypto, it's like free money, and shouldn't be left on the table.
Shouldn't be left on the table?
Any downside?

>> No.11412345

Why would I want IBM? The stock is basically the same price as 1999 and pays ~4.5% dividend. Having a stock stay the same price is fine as long as I'm getting good dividends. 4.5% dividends basically gets me the same return as longterm muni bonds in my tax bracket. Why not buy AT&T instead?

>> No.11412382

>If you're 73 years old ignore this and buy IRM.
If he's 73 he might aswell blow it all on hookers and blow in Vegas and hopes he dies with his dick in some ass

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>> No.11412497

what oil stocks are you guys holding? I hear oil is gonna go up in the next few years. I currently only have NOG

>> No.11412516

CEI for speculation
GBR for growth (they just gained compliance with an influx of cash in exchange for restricted shares that they won't be able to sell due to having to abide by rule144)
SN for a short squeeze
DM for an ok dividend
WHZT for huge dividend but stock price will go to zero in 2020 or 2021

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Buy NVDA. Yea or Nay? I'm not really concerned about gamers or the decline thereof. I'm thinking more like image processing to augment automobile safety systems, etc.

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>CEI for speculation

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>> No.11412728

Buy more breh.

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last for barrick gold

>> No.11413206

fuck barrick gold

>> No.11413206,2 [INTERNAL] 

I suggest that you read detailed reviews of brokers before you sign-up. This review of http://www.q8trade.net is a good example. It has all the information you need so you can make an informed decision

>> No.11413206,3 [INTERNAL] 

There are plenty of online review sites but be sure to check first if that site has authentic reviews and not just some copied texts. This eToro review for example is in-depth and very detailed: http://realforexreviews.com/brokers/etoro

>> No.11413206,4 [INTERNAL] 

I don't know why some people say that Plus500 is a scam. It's easy to make baseless claims.

I used them a few years ago and what happy with their service. CFD trading isn't for me, but I have no complaints at all about the company.

They were voted "best platform for crypto-currencies" here in fact: https://trustedbrokers.com/uk/plus500

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