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Nobody is selling. We keep going up. You can say it will fail in the long run. But in the short term, you will make ridiculous gains when this moons in the next 72 hours.

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Most of crypto is a scam. You have something that was meant originally to be a means of p2p currency, trying to be expanded into a "new internet". We have people here who actually are a cult in their belief that blockchain technology will actually be the future of distributed computing. You guys need to wake up and do some research into Holo.

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Sound's like you're one of the guys who invested in these two scams. Tell me child, do you actually understand any of this technology or are you just here to troll and spout /biz/ memes? I don't expect intelligent replies but I can hope.

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Since Sky and EOS have literally committed suicide on themselves, I think it's time for daddy Holo to show you fuckin peasants what 'decentralized' really means.

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