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Don't know how many of you anons are greek but if you are join the only telegram: Crypto Forums GR

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I have

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I've been staking Decred since mid-2017 and made an extra 30 or 40% to my stack from staking. Could have made more if I were more on top of buying tickets.

Would have had bigger gains if I'd have just waited to buy but you can say that of any alt.

If DCR goes to $500 I'll be able to live off staking, which is breddy gud.

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4 days

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5 days

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Long story short, I somehow became an insider to a massive project that most of you’ll be hearing about 3 months to a year from now. I’m seriously tempted to leave some breadcrumbs here as tips from the /biz/ community have helped me build a small fortune over the past 3 years.

I don't usually shill projects and to be honest don’t even know where to start. I really don’t want to spam the project’s logo as paid shills do. Also, the project still is in stealth mode and I’m not supposed to advertise it. All I can say is:
>the next step in the evolution of finance
>a protocol that replaces banks with local autonomous organizations
>still in the pre-IEO phase
>founder is close friends with a /biz/ celebrity
>they have an unannounced partnership with one of /biz/’s favorite projects

Amazingly, I checked Warosu, and no one has never mentioned this project here yet.

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