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So let’s talk about how Ethereum is the closest thing to a quantum computer that humanity has so far.

Another point I wanted to bring up: all the other companies (google, IBM, etc.) claiming to have quantum computers are not being entirely genuine. They have pseudo-quantum processors that mimic the coherence of quantum systems but are not actually physically conducting quantum computations.

It is my understanding that they never will achieve quantum computation the way that they are thinking now.

The reason why I say that ethereum is the closest thing we currently have to a true quantum computer has to do with the consensus algorithm. When Ari Juels developed the “proof of work” consensus algorithm in 1999 with the Cornell team I don’t think that even they fully appreciated what was happening.

It is precisely this consensus algorithm which makes the crypto currency networks that use these algorithms quantum machines.

This is also the reason why the other “classical” isolated quantum machines built by private companies will never achieve what they set out to do.

It is my firm understanding that we will recognize DLTs (distributed ledger technologies) with specific types of consensus algorithms as the true quantum networks in the future.

People just haven’t fully figured it out yet, but they will. And once they do then we will really start to understand what’s happening. Mark my words.

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Anyone have a good plan?

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They say applicable quantum computing is about 10 years, or so away.

It never hurts to be prepared. How do we profit, when the time comes, /biz/?

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