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Heavy blue pill here. Jews have been the drivers of multiculturalism in every western county during the 20th century... Except in Israel where they run apartheid. Why would they promote multiculturalism in these countries anon. Think

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Some bear market, huh? How you holdin' up, /biz/? Make any decent trades this week?

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How you holding up, bros? Some bear market, huh? Seems like we just drift sideways until the next crash.

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Cutting off all contact with your parents is fucked up. That DEFOO shit...I don't know man. Your parents are your parents, no matter what. They fuckin brought you into this world.
I'll admit there are special cases where it's probably in someones best interest for their own safety and mental well being to do it, but a lot of you are probably just pissed over what you will view as trivial things 20 years from now.
Don't do something you will regret. Don't throw away what little bond you've got left with your parents. Work on making your relationship with them better. Don't destroy. Build.

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Been a rough week. How you holding up, /biz/?

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how ya holdin up, biz?

i got invited to go out to a stout night with 5-6 of my co-workers and i turned them down because i'd unironically rather lift (just finished), smoke weed (loadin it up, boyyyy), play vidya (finding a match atm), and shitpost on an anonymous cartoon porn imageboard (you're reading it)

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