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Yes, please use a tripcode based OP. I didnt fucking see your other thread, and since you didnt waruso it, I have no idea if youre even legit. Just make a fucking trip already.

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Dev has moved onto a new project: http://doubleleft.com/

Honest warning: don't open if epileptic

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Refute this weirdo, or keep talking about the Cayman Islands inbetween your paint drinking.

Agropacking Solutions (agricultural supply chain management)
AtCash (“trust networks” provider)
bluField (IoT beacon networks)
CashPundit (cash flow management)
Constellation Group (Web 3 venture studio)
Credits (blockchain for dApps)
Crowdz (payments platform)
CyNation (risk assessment platform)
DriveOn (auto insurance platform)
Gravel Coin (gravel supply chain management)
Insolar (blockchain solutions)
Ld8a (database solutions)
LotsApp (agriculture certification)
MaxCentive (incentive platform)
MonoChain (clothes reseller)
North East (data automation infrastructure)
Quant Network (network interoperability)
retraced (supply chain management)
Snapper Future Tech (blockchain solutions)
World Law (court evidence management)

20 scam shell sites hosted off GoDaddy, using fake names like "Dr. Bell" and "JM" as founders. Stillborn sites that havent been touched since they were announced. They couldn't even shit together another 30 startups as promised. I'll list red flag after red flag if you can refute it since you like to spam and sperg post.

Look into NXT and the scam email projects he was running and apart of before going MIA.

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