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$15 EOW. Then the real fun starts.

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I got 2k free UNI between all my wallets and swapped them all just now for about 945 LINK.

I've just thrown 945 LINK onto my stack for nothing.

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A serious roadblock in the future was solved prematurely. Could also have other unforeseen benefits also. Shows a lot of competence in the people developing. Full enterprise adoptions will happen sooner than most would expect.

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You know what this means right, anon?

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I bought the “dip” at 16,5. On a scale of 1-10; how fucked am I?

Will this recover or should I cut my losses?

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Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray weak hands won't make LINK cheap

Sergey, please, before I wake
Announce tonight my LINK can stake

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*clears throat*

Tell me again what will happen to my 4k stack of linkies?

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Deloitte guy is next
Then Ed Felten

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Can LINK exist without ETH?

Could the ChainLink network operate without using LINK token?

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G-guys.. I only have 90 LINK.

Am I going to make it?

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Please make more comfy Pepe memes like this one. I feel so comfy every time I see it!

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Jason Parser? He’s Rory’s dad. He’s got a problem with Sergey because when Rory and Sergey were friends when they were younger, Sergey used to raid the cupboards and eat everything in the house. It cost Jason Parser a lot of money to replace all the food Sergey used to eat. The final straw was when Sergey was staying at Rory’s one night and stole his car when they were 15 to sneak out to a McDonald’s drivethru. Rory’s dad Jason thinks Sergey is a bad influence on his son and does anything he can to stop them being friends or working together. Why do you think we haven’t heard from Sergey in so long? Jason Parser has been staying with Rory and Sergey has been in hiding shitting his pants.

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Checked and Based chart anon. Thank you for your service.

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I like your style of showing comfy LINK Apu being comfy in his own house doing regular day to day stuff. Maybe expand on that? We have comfy bedtime Apu, comfy reading Apu, comfy story telling Apu. Comfy fireside Apu already exists too I believe. There are many more comfy activities one can undertake in their own home, like building a pillow fort, shitting, sitting by the fire, cooking, eating, being comfy on the couch etc etc

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He was right though

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>expecting /biz not to be a lazy neets
i think you are the confused one in this scenario, fren

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Comfy levels are mooning right now

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I'm just happy to be accumulating my future wealth. Thank you friends for being here with me we are all gonna make it

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Are you a female or (female)? Could I make an onlyfans or chaturbate and show my dick I think its pretty nice

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>up to $1.85


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Who here still up in initial?
>4x reporting in

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