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Taxation is theft

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bump for privacy

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>this is a nothingburger you'll need a kyc wallet for exchanges the same way you need a kyc bank account

>This includes banning or denying licensing of platforms if they allow unhosted wallet transfers

Sorry pleb want to transfer to your hardware wallet?
That's an unhosted plattform pleb you can't do that from our safe loisenced exchange , it's for your own good amirite?


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it's not a speculative instrument where i live , thousands of people are using bitcoin to survive thanks to capital controls closing their income source from working internationally.

Even yank boomers living here are surviving on bitcoin now.

You firstworlders don't get it thankfuly due to not being fucked up.
But in many places of the world bitcoin is now a financial instrument protecting our lifes.

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High end Hookers are unironically getting 25-30 usd per hour due to keynsians inflating our currency to muh stimulate economy.

Of course that didn't work due to hyperinflating and losing 250% of the peso value relative to the usd in a year, so we lost 3.7 million jobs + 450k jobs already lost with the previous social democrat cuck government.

Ain't keynsianism great?

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BSV shills tend to answer with technobullshit once called out and if that does not work because they keep being btfo they let the post die.

So have a bump fellow anon, fuck bsv , fuck keynes and fuck jannies.

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>yes because the government took money from productive people and gave it to the unproductive people

So sanjay craig aka "john galt" want to give the tools to govenrments doing what you say to "stop drug dealers".
That would be like giving stalin and hitler nuclear weapons to preserve peace.

The us constitution banned direct taxation such as income taxes , many times the supreme court banned that shit and governments around the world passed that crap that is against natural law and even their own constitutions.

If you think our current governments are morals and if john fag craig gives them such tools they will use them morally then you have not been paying attention.


The us founding fathers would be hanging people by this point.

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BASED , fuck BSV commies fuck the state.

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Biz ideas that could succeed in third world countries?

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Now you are getting it.

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This, stupid wagies tough they payed taxes for harsh times , they should have realized they were paying them for their replacement and silence.

Now it's too late , go to work wagie.

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>You haven't chosen to move some other place that isn't giving you outrageous benefits off the back of taxes

All milenials around the world have been rekt post 2008 , from India to europe or the usa all due to state spending.

>There isn't a goddamned thing that isn't assisted by tax monies at some point.

Which is a problem

>Every thing on this Earth is regulated, the only that changes is who is the benefit of the regulation and who gets to see the funds.

Look how well it's working , housing the most regulated industry is suffering scarcity everywhere , banking is shit due to regulations and you can't do a fucking international payment anymore without it freezing and if you use your credit card in other country it will be frozen until you call visa or masterdcard for two fucking hours.

>Whether you realize it or not, you're taking advantage of tax monies.

And also the drawbacks both which i never signed for.

>Shut up and pay your fair share or deal with the consequences.

Fuck you boomer i am not paying shit and soon my entire generation will stop paying too.

> If you hate it that much, get the laws changed so that there are fewer social programs, fewer taxes, etc.

How most people votes are bought with those social programs?
Democracy allows leeches to have more votes than the ones providing.

>ALL scientific research grinds to a halt

Oh fuck off they said the same about space exploration and when nasa privatized launch contracts everyone was like you.
Then spaceX reduced launch costs from 1B per launch to low earth orbit to simply 50m.

>you'll finally realize the only reason you can even be mad about taxes is because the rest of society already bought you the privilege with appropriated funds.

No i am mad you fucking boomer because my entire generation has been raped by a generation that accumulated wealth in an era of low taxes and then wasted money non stop in themselves pasing the bill to us.

Fuck you and fuck your governments.

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>Which currency can you buy right now in any significant quantity with the capital controls put in place last month?

It's stockholm syndrome anon , some people won't get it until they end up like venezuelans earnign 3 usd a month because they are holding government bags and all gateways are closed.

The worse crap is that the so called "reserve currencies" , like the usd or eur are under control of lunatics that want to go full cashless to push negative interest rates , i am sure the argentinean government will let him buy digital usd or digital euro if the keynsians retards abolish cash in the eu or the us.

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Bitcoin was too young to help Venezuela it was in it's infancy and had too high inflation to anyone invest in it , it was high risk back then, even if memezuela had higher inflation the usd was a better hedge.

Had BTC been created in 2004 Venezuela would have a democratic government now , freelancers would have stayed working inside the country untouched by the crisis a private economy would have kept working even if the government fucked things up people would have started to work online when wages went bellow 100 usd per month and earning more money and they would have resisted the growing tyrany more.

Instead they kept working on state jobs at risk of being fired and no one had the balls to open their mouths against the tyrants gaining power.

Make no mistake , cryptocurrencies are a key to the survival of western republics , it's the only thing that will force politicians and central bankers to moderate , it will also make capital controls retarded.

Argentina will show the power of proof of work cryptos in the next 3 years once capital controls are even harder people will bypass with cryptos and don't give a fuck about the government the tools they always used to control people will now be their demise as they will simply force people into cryptos and thus freedom.

If you worked in BTC development then you are a fucking hero , ignore first worlders saying muh buttcoin or shit like that , cryptos are like the printing press once the pandoras box was opened a lot of things happened.

The printing press forced rulers to educate their citzens to share propaganda better as a result civilization reached a higher state and eventually destroyed those tyrants.

Now crypto will eventually end in the separation and currency a state , it's cryptos or cashless society with 100% negative interest rates and neofeudalism.

Go back to crypto development if you have the skills , everything is at risk.

t.Argentinean that understands crypto and how it will save us.

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Opinions about how people are feeling society where they live , it seems things are going full clownish everywhere but at different speeds

It also seems there is a global economic slowdown going on unreported , everywhere people are commenting how bad their personal economies have become but nowhere you see news about economic problems , maybe a slowdown in germany but not much else.

What are your toughs about the next 5 years anon?

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>all these cucks defending the government robbing them
That's gonna be a yikes from me senpai

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oh he is responsible for this , the motherfucker was praising nazi germany and the soviet union at the same time.
He basically supported any governmenet taking power from the population all because his state economic controls wet dream.

Worse his wet dream was retarded from the start , the idea that devaluating your currency you would export more is true but opens a pandoras box.
Because now the government with the most social engineering can devaluate more since they can adjust salaries after if the wagies get upset.

Democracies can't do it well and worse it's a race to the bottom if mexico devaluates 10% and the us then 10% then it's basically the same , but you destroyed wagies salaries relative to a hard thing like gold or housing.

The son of a bitch opened the pandoras box that has brought us here.
And his followers are even worse they interpret what he was saying like a messiah and always push for more state control.

The bubble they have created is so massive that if civilization survives historians will be writing about what the fuck economist where thinking by listening to this retard.

in reality this retard just gave a theorical background for the political class to cuck wagies back into feudalism.

I hope he is rotting in hell.

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Those boomer pensions and gibs won't pay themselves anon.

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>How in the literal fuck?

It all comes to central banking and the aboliton of the gold standard.
It was not always like this anon.

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I still need to pay for private healthcare


Most built in the 1960s and 70s

>Health and safety regulations
>Building codes
Thanks for this based government maybe in the year 2100 i have enough money to buy a new "safely build" house.


Most built in the 1920s kek


Used to be worthy in the past , now we collect knowledge online for free and are not needed.

>Your NEETbucks

Fuck NEETbucks

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