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Lition generals more poppin than xsg hahaha

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Xrp is dead

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You retards are gonna be crying when it’s 2021 and xrps sub .30 while everything’s spiking, you guys still shitting on link? Look at the price action it’ll see over $20 soon and you retards will go mah stablecoin the standard. Ripple will leave the USA because they know xrp is a security. That’s why they can’t get regulations lmao a fucking American coin while ether and bitcoin have more clarity hahaha.

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>200% returns in 5 years

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>the standard

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>lurk every single file available in PayPal
>lurk every page of every PayPal partner
>ctrl+f RSR
>0 results
>fartless beans

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Buddy this isn’t even fud it’s opinions and blatant retardation. The world is still against crypto because mah privacy! and we’re going to see rollouts within the next year of cbdcs and xrp will bridge them. Bitcoin is dog shot slow and can’t even handle transactions it’s literally a proof of concept, where’s the first search engine ? Gone it was big in its time until something came along and replaced it. That’s what xrp will do with bitcoin. Fuck off faggot.

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it is a little baffling entering linky threads
the delusion
many are literally all in link, still...

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>retiring in a third world country

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>fake and gay
You best have rope you regarded faggot. I can’t believe how stupid and blind you niggers are when shit is right in your face.

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you retards are so impatient, are you literally niggers? Go search worusu for some early sta threads, even back then we new this was a long term play

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>Link will never have a partnership with a bank as big as BoA
>Ching Lao Zing Tao bank says maybe

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Remember when the stupid stinkies were so excited for smartcon on their way down from $20, crying about it going to $100 but it turned out $20 was smartcon priced in?

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And I quote from baba “ Notice How Everyone During Phase Two

Was Silent As Everything I Said Would Happen Did

And Now In The October Break

The Doubt Sets In - They Start Attacking Me Again

You People Are Like Street Prostitutes

Waiting For Your Next Hit

STFU And Wait For November


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you mad or something?

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dump it

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Kek, these are really going to piss people off, you know anon? Lots of anime haters pass through and these are so fucking beyond cutesy sounding.

Hats off anon, but I don't think you'll get the praise you deserve for such masterful trolling.

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holy fuck, my wire needs to fucking clear NOW

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Laughing at you Cu(A)NT holders while sitting on my fat stack of chainlink. Imagine holding this for two years and only getting a 10x? Id rather invest in doracles those other hopeless retards keep shilling than invest in this hot garbage. Hell, I'd rather invest in XRP, and that's saying a lot!

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he's trolling kek
he owns lots

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