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>The point isn't to showboat or flaunt, it's to reward yourself. A timepiece represents your hard work and that time is something you can never buy and never get back.

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>buying stonks

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>muh poor holoport buyers

People who are not complaining about Holoports: holoport buyers
People who are complaining about holoports: holoport non-buyers

Can you faggots just let this shit die already. It was cringe when it was first used as FUD and it's even cringier now. Holoport buyers even got HOT at a discounted price, so if they prove to be just shitboxes, they still made at least 5-10x their money. Not that bad for "muh outdated hardware"

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First of all you need to stop thinking about humans as individuals and more like ants or AIs that are programmed to detect opportunities and inefficiencies in the market and exploit them. This is what humans do best. I know it might seem counterintuitive when you see so many fucktards around you, but it's true. If there was an opportunity to turn 500$ into 2000$ per month (a 400% ROI) and 24000$ per year (4800% ROI) someone else, smarter than you, would have found it. Are you exceptional, OP? Are you exceptional enough to find such opportunities? Probably not. Are you deluded enough to think that if someone found such opportunity they would give it to you from the goodness of their heart? Protip: they won't.
>but muh 40 hours work week
that's just turning labour into money. It's called a job and the kikes that provide you with jobs are much better at logistics, strategy, marketing, scaling, etc. than you, so that they can turn your labour into money at a decent and predictable rate.

>to quit our jobs so we can focus on our real passions
>we are both willing to put in up to 40 hours a week doing it
again, that's called a job. I don't see what's stopping you from focusing on your real passions on 40 hour week job vs a 40 hour week business.
The truth is that what you're looking for is a recipe for easy money by putting in the minimum amount of work that people already do at their jobs. Somehow you think you'll compensate for all the disadvantages you have when compared to a real company by using tips and tricks from /biz/ (a board notorious for its neets) and your own qualities that make you exceptional. Right.
In the following posts, people will shit on you in ways you haven't been shat on before. My post should shed some light on why that happened.

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Here to shill chx i see. Wont work. The big jews will shut it down. Doesn't stand a chance against real securities dealers.

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yeah, nice moment you picked to make this thread, faggot. Everyone's looking to buy the dip and you think they'll start shilling shit to you now? That comes later. You should have made this thread 1 month ago and waited until now to buy.

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I can smell the fear.

Bankers are gonna win again. Just like always. And nothing is going to change.

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>this is what sheltered neckbeards actually believe
Hey fuckface, the Australian government just paid IBM almost 1 billion dollars to develop their national blockchain. Guess who controls it. It sure as shit not the people.
Carrefour also runs its own blockchain and many others will too. You know why? Because for practical purposes blockchain is a meme most of the time but it's a fucking good marketing tool that also solves a couple of small issues.
Expect a fuckton of other companies to start adopting the blockchain meme just to reach parity with the big boys. Guess what platforms these companies will use?
A percentage of these companies that will adopt blockchain will also find it useful for some aspects of their business. They will require interoperability between them and their suppliers/clients/partners/etc and they will achieve that through the ARK token.
ARK's business model will start to make sense in 3-5 years.
>build an easy to use platform that supports all the popular programming languages
>make developers life as easy as possible
>allow people to fork their own chain for their own benefit and theirs
>provide native interoperability through your token

10000 companies deploy their own chain with ARK
9000 of these think it's a meme and only use it as a marketing tool
1000 think it's useful
100 of them require interoperability and need ARK
That's one way this shit scales. The other ways is thanks to the fact that it's very developer friendly, it will attract some autists that will develop on it. You only need 1 killer app that requires interoperability to make the price of ARK go parabolic.

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>I bought ETH and I'm afraid it will die, the post
how fucking hard are you coping right now when you see these projects left and right making progress while ETH. slowly but surely. starts to look more and more like a shitcoin that will never amount to anything?

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holy shit you're retarded
this board has been a wasteland for the past 4 months. There's literally like 10-20 people that post here and 50-100 lurkers at most.

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How brainwashed are you that you feel the need to use the plural when talking about a corporation where you are just some random disposable nobody? Fucking good goy.

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so sell, faggot!

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transfer of wealth status: 100% complete

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Back when there were video stores, you would sometimes see movies from Asylum Studios. Asylum's entire business model was to make a micro budget straight to DVD knockoff of huge budget tentpole movies and confuse the elderly and people who didn't speak English as a first language. So if Pirates of the Caribbean was in the theater, your local video store would have Pirates of Treasure Island. Aliens vs Predator, meet Alien vs Hunter. Death Race? Death Racers? I'm not actually sure which one of those was the knockoff.
Anyway, BCH is the Asylum Studios of crypto.

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>he thinks we're cashing out instead of accumulating because this will be the last x1000 in crypto
>he doesn't know how the transfer of wealth works

Bought at ICO and another 3 dips at 2x since ICO. A few days ago I reached top 900 wallets. By EOY I'll probably be top 500, depending on which of my shitcoins moons first and how high it goes.
In 2 years time you'll complaining about the inequality of the distribution because you were a stupid fuck that didn't realize early enough how these things work.

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>chinks scam
>people are talking about the scam
>this retard thinks it's a buy signal

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>reporting posts that use (((hebrew))) words and exclamations
Oy vey, look at this antisemitic goy over here.

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yeah faggot. I spent 6 days straight and multiple hours each day researching to buy this at ICO just so I can dump it on you at 5x when I could have done it at 10x.
I am holding this until 0.10-0.20$ range. This is probably the last x1000 in crypto and I'm not missing this train for peanuts.

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