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been going around to restaurants within 60 miles of my house smashing any food contest there is. Need more than just my pic on the wall, a free meal, and t-shirt. How do I profit off the ability to eat massive amounts of food without becoming obese.
t. 230lb 5'11

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Eating pizza playing ps4 fren

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>settle for an overweight woman
>not wanting to be warm during the winter months
>not wanting her to cook good food for you
>still caring about other people's opinion of you or your woman at your age
>not wanting to live in a rural area with your jiggle mama and avoid people in general

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I just had 2 big macs and large fries, I feel like shit but idc I did it for linkies

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yea this guy gets it, im talking about BAL token
i think they will figure something out, they are probably smart people since they created the balancer all by themselves

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So yeah, i ate all the food, again.
>but why?
Because i'm a fatty fat bastard who doesn't care about others, my depression gifted me with hate against society and you, this is because i got bullied when i was a kid and people did nothing but telling me i'm a loser, and now i can't stop eating food like the fat disgusting jerk i am.

This is because of you, yes, you're probably the main reason behind society's self-destructive behavior, you're the reason why everyone is turning into a degenerate fuck like me, all because of you not providing understanding when people were in need.

So keep staring at the fridge, you will never see your precious food ever again, it's in my belly now, probably turning into diarreha, and i'm going to dump this hot chocolate mousse all over you, consuming your body like acid.

This is your fault, jannie, you retarded ignorant fuck.

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fucken based

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Do that thing where they write

Also me:
Also also me:

Or whatever they do. I see it everywhere now, why do normans do it?

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Can we rename the board to Chainlink & Business?

How many LINK threads do we need?

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>It's 2.95USD on coinbase right now

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