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Oops! I meant to post a comfy mask.

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>finally file for a tax extension
>feel extremely angry for some reason

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>haibane renmei?
yeah it's been on my crunchy watchlist for a while, but so have a million other things. Wholesome/dark sounds good.

>telling me she's FUCKIGN ASEXUAL
Cutter often means trauma, asexual leads me to think major sexual trauma.
I'd guess she's suspicious/hostile to most, and very fragile when it gets comes down to it. Likely used sex to keep shitty men around, now put off by sexual relationships in general, maybe feels like men use her, just left a bad taste in her mouth. Another possibility is meds nuking sex drive, or in some sore of rehab or 12 step.

Adding to your position when it's cheaper is basically how to win.

Buy small. Even a fractional share. Set some limits to buy small amounts on the way down. If you're lucky, you'll get some stupid selloff, and when the order triggers you can decide yourself if you want to add to it or not.

Check out today, Dexcom hit the 1-month low this morning, before completely retracing the drop and add another 1.5%. But my dumbass forgot to set those limit buys, so I missed it completely.

Does she take her coffee with added sweetener?
Does Canada allow foreign entities to buy Canadian real estate without anyone living on it? Because it's very hard to crash the housing market if Chinese officials, Middle Eastern Royalty, and Eastern European Cleptocrats are desperate to get their money into safe-haven assets like North American real estate.

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