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LINK threads barely gain any traction, there is no hype, weak price action, barely any news. I'm telling you, newfags are not in. At all. Just imagine you hopped on /biz/ at the beginning of this year because of the BTC bull. You'd probably be in ADA, BNB, AVAX, RBC, UNI, maybe got rugpulled a few times if you managed to work out of Uniswap work etc etc.

The fact that most LINK threads get only 30 replies, of which a big portion is this Schwabnigger >>30402769, should tell you enough. OCR launch kicked up some dust, but it was mostly just retards perpetuating the "LINK WILL BE USED 10x LESS SO IT WILL BE WORTH 10x LESS!" meme.

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>falling for the LINK is a meme meme

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So he could solve the fucking oracle problem, why else?

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>Be retarded
>Buy Doge
>Cry on twitter that crypto is a scam
*Chuckles in Nazarov*

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Smart Contracters Love Q

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Literally history repeating itself tier. LINK may actually pull an ETH, we’re gonna make it bros.

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>Are you only in shitcoins ?

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Why would Sergey be watching a presentation for something he created?

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>money skelly said

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eth is such a shitcoin

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>TFW You remember when there was under 10,000 wallets

Holy fuck it’s been a ride.

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Using defi products feel like the 4th industrial revolution is here.

Im watching my yields going up by the minutes.

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He's going to be the wealthiest man In The World isn't he.

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This is laughable compared to 2018 fud. You discord trannies will have to up your game. All you have left is link's twitter and the fact that link is expanding as a company..thats it. Thats all you have. Sad!

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no bancies are getting priced out as we speak

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What are some of the best talks/podcasts/etc Sergey has done about Chainlink? I'm ready to listen

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I love Chainlink

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Chainlink is the token of eternally btfoing midwits like you.

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>1.98 million

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>Scam/Useless/No long term viability

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why did you believe them?

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