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Can't wait to wake up tomorrow to being up over 400% on my calls. Still don't have any idea what they do. Someone here said something with weed.

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Good, thanks. Just checking because "we're looking into it" could mean they're going after the little guy.

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so with a dividend portfolio you'd make about 20k usd a year

you use the dividend portfolio as security to get a duplex worth between 200,000 and 300,000. The duplex covers itself + some extra profits each month.

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Good pick anon, but like you know most of the of the upside has already been squeezed outa API3.

Grab a bag of UTK OP UTrust ticks all the boxes.
Right now you want to go with a solid performer that's
> Already established and profitable in the real world
Has built out it's infrstructure and main partnerships
> Rock star dev and corporate team
Hugely on sale
> Used and supported by lots of crypto influencers
Keeps improving its token utility for holders
> Deflationary
Good for short term speculation and also to Hodl

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Polkastarter is a swap DEX on the polkadot ecosystem PLUS the partnership with Moon Beam network recently will show positive results!!
It is a coin to keep till March 2021.

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IF you know how to make NFTs then defo they will make money as you can trade on them.
KOGs made a lot of money and launching Edition 2 of NFTs.

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What is so great about POLS?
Have been researching since a while?
Is it the right time to buy? So he has gained enough?
Tell me if I can make some money? 8x would do :P

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POLS launched its token unlock yesterday!!
I was expecting it to dump and sold it early though.
I think it is a good market!!
I made a mistake.

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I see what you are trying to say, but the fact that a project has NFTs involved doesn't mean much in a bull run. Whales drive bull runs and they dont give a fuck if a project is horse shit, they just calculate how many Xs and then send it, retail and smaller traders follow to gobble the crumbs and try not to get left holding a bag of dirt.

Same reasoning that if you hodl really solid, smart projects like Bondly, you will win

If you have the capital, play follow the whale to, but keep your focus on adding to your strong FA projects with the profit from the instapumps.

Nothing messy about the direction of utility NFTs, even your dog will be tokenized by 2022

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Anons that need to make gains just missed and the big opprtunity.
It looks like the ACXT sale is about to close.
Andy just said it's over subscribed 2-3X

You might still have time to signup and KYC on ACDX i'm not sure

With the sale this over subbed, jump on ACXT as soon as it lists on Wednesday
and you'll get the pump, all is not lost OP

It' such a powerhouse even of you only make half that $1 fiddy K back in the first few weeks the market should kick back in by then and you'll have more capital to play with

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No alt coin is going to perform.
It is time for only BTC to shine.

Buy Eth with Eth2.0 coming up!!

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Good call anons

kek i can't think about Utrust being the Paypal of crypto, it's totally the opposite.
Paypal have horrible service, how many people you know that have had accounts frozen for no reason and it takes months of wasted emails and calls to get your own funds.
Try finding an answer about how their system works and it's impossible.

UTK is a great buy, makes profit and is the easiest and fastest onboarding i've ever used.
Super investment but i skim profit all the time because i can. Super alt UTK, OP should be all over it

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can u reduce the price of BTC when is the correction!!

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Total chads only exchange ACDX
OP making good clear points. I watched an AMA from earlier in the year this morning, these guys are the real deal. Lots of people know Andy as a good COO, but the ACDX COO & CPO is another guy Derek, he used to be director of trading at Standard Chartered, Andy calls him the superman of derivatives. Their team is stacked with guys like that, fully networked.

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I bet your pissing yourself now OP, /biz chaos master kek

never too late for OCEAN, solid AF

Nothing reasonable about link, OP AF

OP, check the bottom of this comment anon has a hidden gem: >>23961026
that ACXT token launch is Chads only.
I did the math and am on it big time/

> launch price $3
> intial Mcap $9.5M
> Total Supply 50M tokens, but gets reduced through gradual burn
> Liquidity and staking to control token circulation
It's a golden IEO with bult in pampfest

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So why are all the American banks priced so low? Am i a brainlet? Whats going on?

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Eth 2.0 launching on 1st Dec 2020. Wait for it... It will moon soon!!

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Yeah, pretty much. From what i know he didn't like the way the owners were messing around at OKEx and get out of there. Andy's a quiet smart guy. COO are often like that. When he left their exchange the wheels strated falling off.

He's been building ACDX from the ground up so it will be efficient and deliver what serious Chads need to trade not just crypto, but bonds, gold and other derivatives. He doen't give away too much, he's smart. But he probably has a plan to scale out into braoder financial markets too

Thats pretty much why im in to invest. Putting my money behind the most professional player in the game. Always invest in people

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Cut to the chase, i cant shill my bag bacause i dont have one yet.

The project i want but missed out on so far is big boy Andy Cheung's baby ACDX his giant slayer hybrid derivatives exchange.

He's a monster and casual quiet achiever Chad and his exchange is built the same way. No hype just getting the job done. The same way you see Binance and CZ being like the Mc Donalds of crypto, Andy's building out ACDX like a 5 storey gourmet restaurant with different specialty food on each floor.

Andy's the guy that come's to your table and asks you about your meal, remebers your name, and what changes you would make to improve the service.

I get into projects like this because they aren't shady, run by brains and experience to clear and precise goals. Most of the projects you see chase hype and fap to influencers.

I'm not going to shill you features of why the exchange is great, you can try it your self and decide. This is why the project will succeed for token holders and make us profits.

> If you want to clean up by backing a project that will attract smart money and pull in traders with corporate sized bags then the
ACTX sale coming up is for you.

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I'm actually thinking about this one,
I agree with anons saying we need a better exchange, there's a few alright ones but i always feel like they are a bit clunky.
If the tokenomics and the other fundamentals check out like OP says then It's probably a good time to invest in an exchange.

Tons of busts and other sketchy shit lately
This gets me thinking too. Interested to see what we can vote on.
Be great if we can vote on what gets listed and what features are added.
Kek if i dont mess up and lose this weeks BTC profits before the next coin sale i'll probably be back in here hyping it in December

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I don't like card just cold hard money. Playing cards with fag anons wont help me to quit my job. I made cash off of DOT early but want to drop on some other Polka projects that have potential.

All you Bondly guys think its the ducks nuts, i'll buy if you give me some decent reasons

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Shit, i was already going to buy some cards on Opensea today, i didn't know that, just how rare these first edition Bondly cards are.

I know you get a big airdrop more than equal to the cost of the cards, i hope i get some epic
> Take my money kek

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Other anons have made soft calls

Dont fag out take a look at maybe the first proper exchange.
Normally exchanges make mpney out of you

ACDX is going to moon. $20-30 in a few months looks easy based on the FA, tokenomics and how fast the 1st pre-sale sold.

November is the next presale so smash it hard and fast anon

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