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I need this to go back to $2.50 ASAP. Fuck this manipulated shit I’m done with this. How is it still above $4 when btc is almost back below $9k??? So sick of these whale games. I refuse to buy back above $4 there’s literally NO NEWS and no reason for it to still be above $4.

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How insanely will biz melt down when the candle closes on $7.77? It will probably be more insane here than if LINK really were to reach $1000 eoy methinks.

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I unironically only have 2300 link. How the hell are there people here with 20k or 30k stacks? Did you take out loans or what? I’m so envious and kind of hate being a linklet.

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I lose $2334.44.

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Literal shitcoin tier levels of volume. I think the MMs are sick of eating Sergey’s dumps.

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So let’s say staking goes live sometime soon. How will this effect the current node operators servicing Snx, Aave etc? Will they be required to stake link, and if so, how much? Snx is currently at $140m and Aave at $88.3m. So I’ve thought of a few possibilities:

- Nodes have to buy on market (doubtful)
- Sergey supplies the nodes with the collateral with some commercial agreement stating they can’t sell or something

Anyways what are your thoughts?

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So many things are pumping or look primed to pump. Link is stagnating. How do I resist the urge to sell my stack and buy a moonshot?

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Just sold my 40k link stack and netted $130k in profits. Been holding since mid 2018. I feel like we’re about to see a massive dump. If I can get back in at around $2.50 that would be great.

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>$4.44 stablecoin.

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You MIST be buying the chainlink its very very good coin. I reed on twitter that it might even hit $1000 in short future. Forgettijg about all these other one scam coins just buying Chainlink believe me anons. And never ever selling just trust you will be regretting this mistake. Just hold trust me, buying even 100 if you can afford it it will make perhaps $100,000 usd if you just be patient. Anyways good lick anons!

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Just threw my $20k savings and got 4200 link. I was here when it was being shilled for $0.2 and never bought. Infact it’s the first time I’ve ever bought a crypto. So what exactly am I in for?

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I’ve just been informed that the bots have been switched back to ON. Price action over the next month is going to be insane. It’s been 12 months since the Google pump - that’s 12 months of accumulation. Top wallets have increased their holdings MASSIVELY, and are looking at $40-50. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you sold your stack hoping for a dump back to the $2-3 range YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET REKT.

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>breaks $4
Entire market:

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I’ve endured 3 years of sybil fud, toilet fud, 2 man team fud, no communication fud, json parser fud, MOAB fud, plaid shirts fud, same slides over and over fud, SIBOS nothingburger fud, fat sergey fud, 700k dumps fud, fake google partnership fud, literal dump to $0 fud, team owning 650 million tokens fud, literal who partnerships fud, I’ve endured it all. But this latest scandal has done it for me. I’m dumping all my LINK and going 100% into ETH. We will go down in history as conducting one of the most epic meme shill campaigns, but reality has finally caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all friends, but I am officially out. Good luck.

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Btc - $14k
Link - $4

Btc - $9500
Link - $4

Btc - $20000
Link - ???

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Why did it fail?

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The Chainlink scam token ICO raised 100,000 ETH when ETH was still $300. Let’s assume they sold half then and the other half near $1000. They got away with almost $50-60 million. For a 2 man team and a bunch of code. They have ZERO reason to be cashing out any of their LINK, yet they have been consistently dumping since late 2017. They have dumped millions of link. Tens of millions of $ worth, ONTOP of the $50-60 million they made in the ICO. They have made out like literal bandits, and yet, after 3 YEARS there is still no functional utility for their token other than incentive payments. We STILL can’t fire up NEET nodes, as promised, and use our LINK as collateral, AS PROMISED. Meanwhile they continually dump tokens DILUTING our holdings. Fuck this scam.

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Holy mackerel. 200,000 end of quarter. 400,000 EOY.

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I got scammed didn’t I.

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Will the price sky rocket once staking is announced?

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Why would I run a decentralized program and use centralised oracles to fetch data? How big of a scam is chainlink?

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>btc $14000
>link $4.5

>btc $10,000
>link $5

>btc $7000
>link $3.45

What’s going on here? Why is link holding up so well? I-Is it really not a scam?

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>he sold

$10 EOM.

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I worry about the mental health of chainlink holders. The cultish enthusiasm for this premined shit token has unduly inflated many hopes. I fear that chainlink cultists are not mentally equipped to handle the inevitable collapse of their delusions. While we joke about mass suicides and a pink board I fear that beneath the jokes we all harbor a sense of dread for the future of these obsessed soon to be justed schizos.

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