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Y-you dont know me OP

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oh my god

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Only a couple times in my sleep a few months ago.

But I’ve recently been on sleep meds which have fucked my REM, so I haven’t been able to.

Last week I literally woke up and was about to nut with no fapping or pressure, if I had fucking MOVED MY LEGS I would have nutted, but I held it in

My left testicle has been in acute pain since. I’m pretty sure it’s suffered permanent damage

No sex, no fapping, I’m on the verge of jumping out my window

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Yes I know this feel but it’s probably because of me. I naturally have a pissed off look to myself even when I’m not angry but content. I blame my father for that since he is a cunt and instilled some latent anger in me that subconsciously shows on my brow and forehead even if I’m okay and not mad.

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>he didn’t furiously stack gold and silver at the bottom
I only have 1 ounce of gold and 30.89 ounces of silver. I won’t make it.

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