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holy shit mtgox never thought id hear that name again. wtf ever happened to those coins? i know they got split up and moved around but they were being tracked. was that dude ever allowed to leave japan? is he still there? lmfao

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i was up 200% on S calls last week and didn't sell, now im down 70% overall. win a million battles, fuck up and go all-in on 1 and lose and it hurts. but i still can't wait for monday.

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i did, i just like hanging around the board watching all these young kids lose all their hope on shit coins and tokens. could you blame me?

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You know what to do

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exactly what i was thinking. i have this attachment to link which has been making me hesitate to sell, but this has to be true because there is no other reasonable explanation of why they're doing it the way they're doing it and with the frequency of what they're doing.

at best i'll miss out one more ride to $5, but i don't care anymore. back to options trading.

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