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Green IDs will make it. Roll & checkem lads

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>I also think there is a key component missing at the moment.

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Thesis: we are all thoughts, needs organize us into streams.

Let's start with the notion of dimensions.

There are spatial dimensions: 1d, 2d, 3d, etc.

2d means 2-dimensional
3d - 3-dimensional

We can imagine that 3d object has 2d objects inside and 2d object has 1d objects inside.

So what I'm trying to imagine is that there are some other non-spatial dimensions. Let's say "entity dimensions".
There are 1-dimensional entities.
There are 2-dimensional entities.

Let's say there are n-dimensional and n+1-dimensional entities. What are the relationships between them? I think there are "is-a-thought-of" relationships:

one n-dimensional entity is a thought of one n+1-dimensional entity.

So let's say that we people are n-dimensional entities.
We are all thoughts of some n+1-dimensional entity.
And our thoughts are n-1-dimensional entities.

You may think "sounds like some schizo thoughts". Exactly. That is a fractal schizophrenia of all beings in all dimensions.

Why do we think? We have some stimulus to think. That is a need. Without needs we wouldn't even think because there's no need, right?
Needs organize our thoughts into streams, they start, initiate the process.

So you are gambling with coins or whatever. Basically you are trying to find a way to fulfill your needs. That's the mechanism of a thought process of that n+1-dimensional entity (or entities).

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