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>Arbitrum is an Optimistic Rollup
They knew what they were doing kek

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Is this the inception of a new copy pasta?

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I thought the tether conclusion was bullish at first but we haven't recovered since then and a second reading of what happened actually makes me pretty bearish

>18.5 mil penalty ok who cares
>banned from the financial capital of the world, cant be used by major exchanges, or funds such as grayscale
>NYAG gave the highest penalty possible for a commodity or asset statewide (total ban)
>DoJ investigation running concurrently with NYAG now has precedence for nationwide ban due to NY ruling
>transparency mandate for the next 2 years - they cant print tether unless they can absolutely show its backed
>13% of tether was backed in 2017 when the marketcap was 4 bill - in 2021 its probably a fraction

shits actually looking really bearish. Im not surprised the price tanked literally the day they were ordered to stop printing. With organic money only in play the best we can hope for is a crab until the 2 year mark ends and tether goes back to BRRRRRRRRRR

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>pretending to not be CLF fag
You're never hitting 7 figures again kek

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>he does drugs to make contact

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Anyone here from the British Isles/Ireland?

I have accumulated 8 figures just by trading shitcoins on Uniswap. However I dont have the records anymore and I've lost access to the wallets I used to conduct my trading.

Im ready to cash out, but I dont wanna be hit with money laundering/tax evasion charges.

What are my options? Could I cash out and pay Capital Gains Tax and be fine or will I definitely be audited and sent to jail?

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>street ketamine
who's gonna tell him bros?

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You all laughed when I sold at 0.74. YOU CALLED ME PAPER HANDS! But look at you now, SCRAMBLING FOR GAINS.

I have moved on, i sold the dip, not because its the pussy move to do, but it was the smart thing to do.

Keep your bags. Im going to make it without you.

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>I'm TOO smart to invest.
>I lost my networth every year for three years. So i lost 50% in 2019, another 50% in 2020, and then in 2021 I lost 50% already shorting GME

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how do you not gain anxiety by holding us dollars?

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Is this what MSM is gonna do now? anything moving up 50% is a reddit attack?

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$SHIT is a pump and dump scheme, retards

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Yesterday on the news:

Today on the news:

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are you faggots so weak that you fold like wet tissues at the first sign of trouble?

whats even more hillarious than these demoralisation threads is the fact that reddit is still holding the line while you cuck out at the only chance the little man will probably ever get to get back at the elites

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>foreign powers are buying shares of a dying brick and mortar retailer to attack america

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Post your face when short selling is banned after this GME stuff

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The banks bail them out and then fed cover the banks with taxpayers money

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You know what would be based? If all of you beta incel rightwing basement cucks would literally die alone ans childless. Your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors genes finally revealed themselves to be utterly useless, unwanted, sub average and disgusting. Finally the world would be freed of the genetic dead ends that you are and actual human beings could enjoy the fact that there are less american fatties draining resources and consooming

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When did you realise Bitcoin was a scam?

Me? It was right after I bought the top at 40k.

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>1 USDT = 1 USD

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If you love money so much why don't you marry it?

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>and a few of them are guaranteed to be billion dollar projects

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