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There’s a better way, friend

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Based on inflation rate thus far and rounding up a bit to be conservative, the total supply of XSN will be about 150 million when Hydra launches at some point in the second half of next year. Since each master node is 15,000, that means at most there can be 10,000 master nodes when hydra launches. And do to how block rewards are distributed, it won’t pass 5,000 at the absolute highest since it starts being more economical to stake at that point. So realistically, somewhere between 4 and 5 thousand master nodes will be running when hydra starts.
Don’t buy the FUD that 10 is a suicide stack and 100 is a make it. That’s implying that only 40-50 people and 400-500 respectively can “make it” or have a suicide stack with this project.
If you get a single master node and are patient you’ll be fine. You may not make it until after hydra is out a while but the math is in your favor.
t. 7 MNs

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If Bitcoin begins to soar again, it's going to need a powerful Lightning solution or it will quickly become lethargic and expensive to send money with.
On-chain tx bandwidth needs to be ruthlessly optimized with priority to large sums of money. Sending $1 million? Do it on-chain and screw the fees. Buying a beer? Lightning.

If done right, Lightning channels can handle the heavy load of small, irrelevant txs, freeing up the pipeline for tx that genuinely need the benefits of on-chain.

For Lightning nodes to do this effectively, they need liquidity. That source of liquidity remains a subject of controversy, and rightly so.
It burdens the end-user to provide their own liquidity in a way that's inconvenient and hardly profitable, which beckons centralization on a massive scale.
In other words, you either have something that's decentralized and doesn't work, or something that's extremely centralized and works well. 1000s of water pumps atop 1000s of drying and shallow wells that can't provide liquidity, or a massive water company that's monopolized the water supply. It could turn a desert green, but it could become corrupt and start ripping off the town.

What's the way forward? You can't change how LN was implemented on Bitcoin, but you can work with it independently.

Masternodes are excellent LN routers, namely because they're
>run 24/7
>evenly spread out all over the world
>provide collateral - "Alice and Bob" only have to worry about securing their wallets and making good backups

If you put an entire masternode network to the task of doing this, you get heavy collateral that provides serious liquidity for small off-chain Bitcoin tx.

tl;dr - LN flows like liquid, and your options to scale liquidity are
>1000 pumps on 1000 shallow wells
>a water company that holds the town hostage
>a deep underground water reserve that's in one pool, possessed by no one, directly accessible from the surface

This is what Stakenet has been building.

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This man speaks the truth.

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The good news is this already exists with a team and (public beta) product that actually exists.

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im all in on XSN but i gotta admit this one made me chuckle kek

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Essential reads
>Quick rundown
>X9's contributions to LTC
>Exertive Proof of Stake
>Great write-up of Cross Chain Proof of Stake (i.e. stake XSN, receive BTC)
>The Cypherpunk Standard of Banking
>Most recent Dev Update


Further reads

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To all of you indecisive low-iq retarded weak-hands out there. Read the fucking whitepaper and check out the product and all the fud in the world will hit you like an annoying fly that has just had a feast on a pajeet's beach-shit. Literally. Trust me. The FUD will instantly vanish if you activate your last braincell and realize that the fud is for one single reason only, to part your from your coins so they can scoop up cheaper masternodes. BOOM, that's all. Here I'll even hand-feed you tards:

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when you dive deep to find the answer to this you find that the answer is yes and feels euphoric.
yeah look for the dex-beta-signup channel

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Thanks, yeah that makes sense. I mean, considering the fundamentals I could give two vapid fucks for the short-term pumps, considering I'm holding at all cost.

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stakenet is so much more than just a dex on lightning. the dex is just one single dapp lol

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visa vs xsn

who wins?

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1 masternode is a make it stack

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blockstream fears LN and this fears XSN

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XSN | Stakenet


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i have ADHD i want dopamine and money is dopamine. also dexedrine.

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Sure, this pasta explains it quite well.

Frank Amato
> Executive Director J.P.Morgan March /7 years, 1 month/
> Managing Director Bear Stearns & co. /11months/
> Vice President J.P Morgan /10 years, 4months/

> Digital money
> Decentralized
> Trust-less proof of stake

> Masternodes
> 45% block rewards
> 90% Passive income from user fees
> Almost fee-less
> No kyc
> Instant transactions 24/7
> Infinite scalability
> Decentralized
> Lightning swaps
> Cross chain proof

Stakenet has been dormant for years, during these years stakenet has constantly been working towards their product. DEX is going to released this year. They have a legit professional team with a real product. You can try the beta version for yourself. I really think it's going to be huge, I can see myself and the majority of crypto-currency using the DEX on a daily basis, its really easy to use. The best part is that you can always get the cheapest price on whatever you're investing into.

Stakenet is the future of money.

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XSN is the smartest play

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Stakers will inherit the earth

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I'll give you this. Your concern fudding is much better and sounds more genuine than most of the fud lately, good job.
>But hey ho, I'm a brainlet what do I know.
And yes, you're a brainlet. You're being very oh-so concerned about stuff which could just as well turn out very well in the end, and most likely is not nearly as bad as you try to make it out to be. You seem stuck in a state of analysis paralysis, trying to find "concerns" where there in actuality most likely are none, and even if there were, the price would moon before then, making everyone here a return on their investment, making all of your concern speculating moot as of now.

In short, you really don't know neither what is going on right now, or what is going to work or not in the future.

>at least someone is thinking outside the box
You're really not though, your stuck in this box which you have created out of concern, trying whatever little bit you can muster to grasp at straws. Not to mention the semantics regarding what it means to "make it". You think you know what people want and don't want, but you're really just guessing, making other people second guess if they've made the right investment or not.

You're a prime example of a good concern fudder, good job for making me read through the whole of your essay.

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I'm jealous of you OP. I can't afford to spend every waking hour shitting on a coin that I think is useless

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