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Reminder that this is what you can expect of your future IF YOU ARE A MASTERNODE HOLDER. THIS is the main reason why pajeets are fudding and want access to your hard-earned Stakies, DON'T LET THEM.

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yeah im thinking we're gonna make it

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Title says it all

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I will now trigger one very angry ex-whale by posting the MN rewards chart.

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Mind you, it's not an ethereum token, it's its own coin and blockchain. See the pic related chart for potential masternode rewards and gains from trading on the decentralized exchange, depending. The chart is not the best, as the rewards depend on what the trading fees on the dex will be, as well as the number of masternodes currently operating, so the gains will probably be a little bit less.

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Hydra nodes will generate passive income. Not only from traditional block rewards, but from trading fees. 10% burnt. 90% paid out to the MNs.
I made it to 10. Want to buy a few more.
I don't believe that's true at all, but I will check those digits.

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Forgot the obligatory pic related.

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I'm going to troll BIZ

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>Are the masternode rewards bound to go down as more people get involved/network grows from the 10% it is now to like 5% or is it sustainable at current ROI?
It’ll go down somewhat because there will be more masternodes, but bear in mind as trade volume increases that will offset that change.
I’d rather have 1 of 5000 nodes with $200m daily trade volume than be 1 of 2500 with $10m daily trade.
The meme chart that always gets posted here (pic related) assumes 2500 nodes, so if you want to be really conservative just halve any value you see on this chart.
That said, if everybody runs Masternodes it becomes more profitable to do regular staking due to the reward split (45% among normal staking, 45% to nodes), so just keep an eye on the rewards for each.

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10 MN is already $1000 a month right now and the dex hasn't even launched.
I'd say in a year's time it will be 1 MN to be enough for a comfy minimum wage lifestyle

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Your key to end wage slaving

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I am 100% all in on XSN, poorfag here who copped a sexy $900 MN in july 2019 and has been holding ever since. just checked in on my stack and my block rewards + some staking rewards has surpassed $1,000 now, and the MN is valued at $8,000-- lookin slick 8-) very exciting times for my fellow sexy stakies. i be diligently focused on deleting any need to wage salve so I can live a life where I chose to work a job for my own separate purposes and not to support myself. anyone here tested linux raiden? How's it turning out? I've been busy w/ life the past 2 weeks and never got around to checking out. I saw a .webm demonstrating it in action a couple days a go i think and it appears promising as usual.

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100m is bare minimum when people find out you can swap any erc20 token with btc.

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I hear the issue - in that how do you get rich if it's only a 10x?

I'd ask you to consider a few things
- in a BTC 10x, alts tend to more than 10x (as this current pump shows) - and the better alts tend to pump way more than 10x. So even if the bottom end is a 10x for stakenet, in a bull market you're looking at least at 10x10 = 100x (and likely more as it's a real product)
- As crypto grows so does the volume for exchanges. In reality no one offers anything as generous as stakenet's shared payout model, and the returns from small amounts of volume are pretty great for even 1 MN (see attachment)
- There is security in investing in a real project - in that having a more stable base for some investments really helps. Chase PnD's with a small portion of your portfolio and use some of it for stable gains. Got to manage risk, or risk going broke and never making it
- If you 10x here, you are only one 10x away from where you want to be.
- Whoever thought Link would blow the sky through - real projects sometimes just punch.

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3+ masternodes... you'll make it easy. Like the equivalent of 17 full time jobs in Discord.

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Or does anyone else have the formula for block rewards?

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You would very likely be able to do it with just one.

Anon, you should expect a resting $100k/year with a single MN as your floor, even outside of the bullrun.
These numbers aren't difficult to comprehend on your own.

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You heard correctly.
The numbers at the bottom of the chart probably won’t ever be reached but if you think something like $5-$10 XSN and $100m trade volume is unachievable, just remember that Uniswap alone gets almost $300m daily volume. I’m sure you saw all the threads complaining about the cost of gas yesterday and how slow unishit was being.
This will be the first truly good DEX. Low fees, no gas, off-chain so it can actually scale and not get congested like you saw yesterday, lightning and raiden integration...people will come to this DEX in droves.

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Get in while it's under 0,50$, before the DEX launches and raiden integration happens.
Also if you got 6k you can set up a masternode with collateral, and when it shoots above 3$ you'll be making more money daily than a minimum wage job.

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The chart doesn't lie.

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you can also stake and/or run masternodes using run by the XSN coin. and because L2 fees are so low, the fees get passed on directly to the node holders/stakers. If/when this reaches even uniswap levels of volume (though the target is to approach tier 1 CEX volume) the passive income from these features will be huge. all without the risk of holding some shitcoin sweet potato token

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